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15 Months

2012 June 8
by Folgate

15 Month STATS:

Weight: 27 lbs 12 ozs (88th %)

Height: 33 inches (93rd %)

HC: 19.5 inches (95th %)

15 Month Appt

Grant is 15 months!  Erik and I are always commenting how fun it is to watch him learn and grow.  It really is truly amazing!  I cannot believe that he will soon be a BIG brother, and I am anxious to see how he responds to having a little sister.  We feel very blessed to be having another baby, and now we will have one of each...YIPPY! At 15 months, Grant loves to: --Say dada, mama, ball, doggy, bubba, bubbles, and puzzle --Play with puzzles (and he is pretty good about getting most of them right) --Blow bubbles (or have mama and dada do that for him) --Swim in his kiddie pool --Go to Gymboree and play & climb --Make a mess and play in the dirt (he really is a BOY). --Shoot "hoops" on his basketball hoop.  He's our ticket to the NBA:) --Go "Bye Bye", and if you say those words, you better be taking him somewhere:) --Watch Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Chugginton (but he only gets to watch about 30-60 mins at MOST per day). --Sleep: He still takes 2 naps (1-2hrs/each) during the day and sleeps from 8:30pm-7am each night --Eat: While he does love to eat, he is quite picky.  He still only eats pureed fruits/veggies, but he loves pizza, chicken nuggets, PB & J, Bagels, Nutrigrain bars, Granola bars, yogurt, pancakes, and any SWEET (cookies/ice cream).

Fireman Grant

Baby Superstar!

Grant, we are blessed to be your mommy & daddy!  Thanks for being such a good boy!

Mother's Day

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