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18 Months: Becoming a little man

2012 July 27
by Folgate

18 Month STATS:

Weight: 28 lbs 6 ozs (85th%)

Height: 34.5 inches (95th%)

HC: 19.5 inches (90th%)

So here I am again, writing about my little man, who is growing like a weed in front of my eyes.  I wish time would slow down and quit moving at the speed of light.  He is definitely becoming a little man and is starting to really express himself and the things that he wants (and doesn't want for that matter).  I look at him now and can almost see the young adult, teenager, and young man that he is certain to become.  His facial expressions are priceless and he has such a loving heart, albeit mischevious at times.  He has really taken on the roll as big brother and loves his little sister to pieces.  He is very gentle most of time, although occasionally he can be a little rough with the pointing and patting.  I say this all the time (and almost in every post), but I am thankful and blessed to be his mommy.  It's amazing that this little bundle of joy made me a mommy just a short 18 months ago on 1/26/ how time flies. At 18 months, Grant loves to: --Climb onto everything.  He gave me a heart attack the other day when I heard the water running in the bathroom, only to come in and see that he had climbed from the toilet into the sink and was playing with the hand soap & water. --Play outdoors --Swim & play with his water table --Color and Paint on his easel --Help get things for his sister (diapers, bubba, clothes, etc) --Fold laundry, or rather shake it out and leave it on the floor --Clean things around the house with Grama.  He especially loves using the vacuum and swiffer.  He sure is going to be a helpful husband. --Sleep: He still takes 2 naps per day and sleeps from 8:30pm-7/7:30am each night.  He will soon be transitioned to one nap per day as he begin "school" next month. --Eat: But only Grant approved foods which have not changed since his 15 month post. --His nighttime "bubba".  He easily gave up the morning bottle (which I thought was going to be the most difficult), but still loves his nightcap of Vitamin D milk in the evening. --Hold his snuggie (blanket with a doggy/puppy head).  He has never been attached to anything (pacifier, animals, swaddling, etc), but he now cannot take a nap or go to bed without his snuggie.  We have been searching for a duplicate and have recently discovered it is no longer made, and parents online are price gouging others, selling it for $50-60.  I am sure we will give in...haha! --Read books on his bookshelf (and his sister's).  You obviously are just forming new words, so when you read you have the cutest babble as if you are actually reading the words on the page. --Brush his teeth, although both mommy & daddy have to start this process for you or there would be no toothpaste left. --Snuggle before bedtime and naps, and mommy will hold onto this one for as long as she can.  She can never get enough of your sweet snuggles. --Greet people at the door & blow kisses and wave bye-bye when they leave. --Have his Grama and Mema all to himself, and gets quite upset when he sees them holding other babies (and his sister). --Talk: New words since 15 months include Basketball, This, All Done, Bird, & Beach (although the last two can be confirmed by grandparents only).  BALL is still your favorite word, and I will forever have the memory of you saying "ball", pointing under the couch, and using the yardstick to retrieve it for Harley in my head.

18 Month Appt

Ready, Set, Swim


Splash Pad Fun!

Cool Dude!

Old Blue Eyes


Just Being Cute

I honestly can say that being your parents is the BEST thing that has ever happened to us.  We find so much joy in you and your sister.  We cannot imagine life before you two arrived, and even if we look back to the old days and need a break, it does not compare to being in the moment with you and watching you grow.  Thanks for the constant laughter, joy, and new challenges you bring to our lives every day.  I honestly cannot believe we have an 18 month old little boy!  We love you to the moon and back!  
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