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19 Weeks

2010 August 28
by Folgate
How Far Along: 19 weeks How Big is Baby: Head to rump, he/she measures 6 inches, and now weighs ~ 8 1/2 ounces. Development:  By 19 weeks, our baby's brain is forming pockets to specialize in smell, taste, hearing, vision, and even touch.  Pretty Awesome Right! How huge is mama:  According to our bathroom scale, I have gained about 6 lbs (if weighed in the AM) and 8 lbs (if weighed in the PM).  We will know for sure this week at our doctors appt. Movement:  Still feeling the little nudges.  Erik says I am now officially addicted to it, because when I don't feel the baby move, I become instantly worried and wonder why I cannot feel him/her move.  It's okay to be a little obsessive right…haha! Food: Still love the dairy and GRAPES! Belly Button: Innie Preparations: No physical preparations as far as the room goes, but we are mentally preparing for this week, as we get to see our precious baby on Thursday 9/2. Pregnancy Symptoms:  Still feeling really good, but I am definitely still tired and fatigued as soon as I leave work.  It's that damn job I tell you 🙂 Looking forward to next: This is the week for our targeted US, and we are pumped to find out if we are officially having a boy or girl.

19 Weeks

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