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22 Weeks

2010 September 19
by Folgate
How Far Along: 22 weeks How Big is Baby: Head to rump, he is now out of the ounces category and weighs one whole pound, and is similar in length to a small doll. Development:  By 22 weeks, he is now developing senses including touch, site, hearing, and taste.  He can now perceive light despite his eyelids being fused and is able to hear our we better watch our language!  🙂  He also is tasting everything that I taste, which means I need to watch what I eat and expose him to all the good tastes of veggies and fruits, which if you know me, is difficult for me to do. Movement:  He is kicking away, which gives me good peace of mind that all is good in his fluid filled world. Food: Still loving the dairy, egg salad sandwiches, and chicken wings, which by the way, they have now taken away Chicken Wing Wednesday at work, such a bummer! Belly Button: Still an innie, but barely holding on Preparations:  We have decided on the theme of our baby boy's room, which will be a tribute to our Alma Mater, the Florida Gators.  But not the tacky Florida Gators stuff they currently have out in the bedding department, we are thinking possibly custom made.  He is spoiled already! Pregnancy Symptoms:  I have been getting this pin-point back pain in my mid-thoracic region on the right, and it hurts.  I am thinking it is the way he is positioned in there, maybe he is giving me a few extra punches to that area...Thanks! Looking forward to next:  Our trip to NYC and our 24 week appointment.  It will be so good to hear his little heartbeat again.  I love that sound!

22 Week Baby Belly


Dad, Mom, & Baby Boy

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