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24 Weeks

2010 October 5
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 156-158 bpm

Fundus: 24 cm

This has been a busy 24 weeks, especially since we just went to NYC, and baby went on his first flight.  NYC pictures to follow this post, so stay-tuned!  We also went to the doctors for our 24 week appointment! How Far Along: 24 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to rump, he is now 1 1/2 lbs and 8 1/2 inches long, about the size of a standard letter since he apparently has outgrown the fruit references in "What to Expect" 🙂 Development:  His weekly weight gain will now be about 6 ounces, much of that coming from accumulating body fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscles.  By now, his face is almost fully formed and of course very adorable, complete with a full set of eyelashes, eyebrows, and a good sprinkling of hair on his cute little head. How huge is mama: Officially gained 12 lbs which was confirmed at our doctor's appointment. Movement:  During the doppler check of his heartbeat, he kicked my belly and the doppler machine, making a loud swishing noise on the doppler.  It was quite comical, and I am pretty sure he was saying leave me along people! Food: Apparently I cannot get enough of Swedish Fish.  They have this brand at my work which is amazing and super fresh.  I better not get gestational diabetes from Swedish Fish! Belly Button: Holding on to that innie form Preparations:  We purchased the crib and it should be delivered at the end of November/Beginning of December.  It is so cute and we cannot wait to get it all set up! Pregnancy Symptoms: Apparently that mid-thoracic back pain is not from baby boy at all, he thought I may have a touch of costochondritis which is some inflammation of the lining of the ribs.  Basically musculoskeletal, and he said it should go away soon!  I need to invest in a heating pad. Milestones: Buying his room furniture...DUH! Looking forward to next:  How about instead of "looking forward to next", this should be "not looking forward to next" and that would be the 1 hr glucose test.  I get to drink a nice whopping dose of a sugary substance and see what my blood sugars are.  I better not eat any swedish fish that morning...haha!

24 Weeks at the Zoo

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