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25 Weeks and the Gators

2010 October 11
by Folgate
How Far Along: 25 weeks 2 days How Big is Baby: Head to rump, he is now 1 1/2 lbs and 9 inches long.  Sorry, no food reference this week in comparison to his size...haha! Development: By 25 weeks, capillaries are forming under his skin and filling with blood.  Air sacs are developing in his little lungs, getting him ready for his first breath of fresh air.  And talking about breathing, his nostrils which have been plugged up until now, are starting to open up this week.  This enables him to begin taking "practice" breaths.  His vocal cords are also functioning now, leading to occasional cute! Movement: I don't think feeling him move will ever get old.  Every time I feel his hand or leg swoosh across my belly it makes me so happy.  I cannot believe there is a little baby growing inside of me.  God truly is AMAZING! Food: Still the swedish fish, dairy, and now salads with RANCH dressing.  Normally I would choose another type of dressing, but ranch has been so good lately, and I have been seriously craving it.  Weird how the body changes and wants different things during pregnancy! Belly Button: Holding on to that innie form, with some out pouching on the sides.  Hang in there INNIE, nobody wants an outie! Preparations: I was just speaking with Erik the other day about how we need to prepare in regards to any childbirth or infant skills classes we want to attend.  I have heard you have to sign up for them quite early as they fill up very fast.  I need to put that on the to-do list. Pregnancy Symptoms: The back pain has improved...thank goodness.  Silly costochondritis! Looking forward to next: Now that we purchased the bed, we have been thinking an awful lot about bedding.  We want a Gator Theme as mentioned in the previous post, but we do not like any of the bedding sets currently on the market.  Its a great thing I married a man with a mom who can sew amazing.  She has offered, along with a friend of hers (Thanks Laura Franks) to custom make our bedding and curtains.  I can't wait to see the finished product! On a sad side note, we went to the UF vs LSU game this past Saturday and we lost.  It's a good thing that Gators stick together in all kinds of weather!

25 Weeks

Representing the Gator Tek Vest

Is that Tim Tebow?

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  1. October 19, 2010

    What the heck is

    You are looking cute.

  2. Casey permalink
    October 20, 2010

    Lookin’ good, Lindz! Enjoy!

  3. Meredith permalink
    October 25, 2010

    I can’t believe I didn’t know yall had a blog!!! I hold you personally responsible! I feel like I just discovered crack! I have been dying here in MS without yall!

    • Folgate permalink*
      October 25, 2010

      Hey! – this is Erik. Sorry, we have been posting links to it on our facebook feed, but not TOO often, so you probably missed it. I think we should do a mass email, because there’s still some people that don’t know about it, sorry about that! Thanks so much for giving Lindzee a call. She was doing a “girls trip” this past weekend in NC, so she got sidetracked to call you back, but she’ll definitely give ya a call today or tomorrow!

  4. November 2, 2010

    I know Harley and Chase are best buds, but now it is going to be Grant and Grace!!!!! LOL

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