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26 Weeks

2010 October 17
by Folgate
How Far Along: 26 weeks How Big is Baby: Head to rump, he is about 9+ inches long and he weighs a full 2 lbs (the size of a 2 lb chuck roast). Development: His eyelids are beginning to open and he can now see, although there is not much to see in his dark confines of his uterine home.  At this point he now has a heightened sense of sight and hearing and will react with more movement to bright lights and loud noises, which means mommy gets to feel him kick more...YAY! Movement: I can feel him move lots and his movements seem more fluid than before.  Yeah, its pretty amazing! Food: Still love my ranch dressing, but I need to keep that in check, because we all know ranch dressing isn't the healthiest dressing choice. Belly Button: Still hanging on to my innie, but I have a feeling it will not be much longer. Preparations: Planning for my last hoorah on a plane, since I fly out to see all my best girlfriends next week.  I cannot wait because we always have such a blast together. Pregnancy Symptoms: Energy has improved throughout the second trimester, so I better live it up now, because I am sure as this pregnancy progresses, I will revert back to my old tired ways. Milestones: I feel like everyday in this pregnancy is a milestone.  It just amazes me more everyday that we get to be the parents to this sweet boy and that God is forming this perfect person inside my belly.  The Lord truly is amazing! Looking forward to next: 28 week visit to the doctor to listen to his little heartbeat again and Da Girlss Trip!

26 Weeks

26 Weeks and Bright Pink

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