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14 Weeks

2010 July 24
by Folgate
A lot has happened in the 14th week, beginning with the Greenleaf Family Reunion.  Instead of going somewhere exotic for our 5th wedding anniversary, Erik and I were good sports and went to the dreamy destination of Bay City (which I really do love).  We got to spend a whole weekend hanging out with my family which was awesome because we don't get to see them that often.  During our stay, the final get-together was for my Uncle Mark's 50th Birthday.  My Uncle Mark and Aunt Terri are like second parents to my sister and myself, since we would go spend every summer with them from age 5 to 13.

Pre-Game (Detroit Tigers)

Happy 50th Uncle Mark

After returning home, we of course had to go back to work, which is not so fun after being on vacation.  Since I work at the hospital, I took it upon myself to find out my official results of the unexpected US we had at 13 weeks (see prior post).  While reading the results, they had mentioned a comment of a possible hemorrhage near the inferior edge of the placenta covering the cervix (likely the cause of the original spotting I had encountered).  I immediately sent this to my OB/GYN who instructed us to have a follow-up US.  We did as told on Friday (7/30) and they noted the hemorrhage was still there, smaller in size, and should not cause a problem with the pregnancy.  The only problem now was we were placed on PELVIC REST until our 19-20 weeks US where we find out the sex and see if the hemorrhage is still there.  Obviously, those are the 2 words every husband dreads…haha!

The preferred position is on his/her head apparently

After the US and the reassurance from the Maternal Fetal Medicine physician, we headed off to West Palm Beach for the much anticipated Dave Matthews Band Concert with Tasha, Jon, Aimee, and Adam.  The trip started out a little rocky, because we took the Xterra, which unbenounced to me, was having some issues with overheating.  The traffic was so bad in the beginning that we had to drive about an hour of the trip alternating the air with the heat and rolling down the windows.  We finally realized that if we drive the speed limit and keep the air on a speed of 2, that we were fine.  We made it to Aimes and Adam's, had some yummy Cuban food, of which I had the least Cuban of all (a ham and cheese pressed sandwich) and headed outdoors to the concert.  We found our "seats" on the lawn and spent the night listening to some good ole' DMB.  And it was the baby's first concert, isn't he/she so cultured already!

The Girls

Typical Erik texting during a DMB concert 🙂

Baby's First Concert

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