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27 Weeks

2010 October 25
by Folgate
How Far Along: 27 weeks How Big is Baby: Grant graduates this week from being measured crown to rump and is now measured head to toe.  This week his head to toe length is about 15 inches (more than a foot long!) and he weighs just over 2 lbs. Development:  The interesting factoid of this week, is that Grant now has more taste buds now than he will have at birth (and beyond).  Which now means, that he can distinguish between different tastes within my amniotic fluid when I eat different foods and will even react to it. How huge is mama: I go to the doctors next week for the official number...stay tuned. Movement: It definitely feels like there is a 2 lb being moving around in my tummy.  And it is very visible on the surface of my abdomen.  It's very interesting and weird at the same time to see my abdomen move in such funny ways! Food: Not much has changed here, although I do seem to crave salads a lot more. Belly Button: And we are definitely on the verge of popping out.  Sometimes when I stretch my belly button in certain ways, the outer edges of my belly button like to slightly protrude out.  Oh innie, how I am going to miss you! Preparations: The bedding is underway and now we are just preparing for all the little things we will need for our little man and his room.  Good thing we have two baby showers coming up because we have lots that we need, Pregnancy Symptoms: The back pain still plagues me and it mainly affects me on the right side still.  Nothing constant though, so that's good! Milestones: Officially picking out our baby bedding/curtain fabric. Looking forward to next: I just returned from Girlss weekend and it was a blast, but I am looking forward to our 28 week appointment at this point in time. However, I do have to complete my 1hr glucose tolerance test, which isn't going to be loads of fun from what I have heard.

27 Weeks

27 Week Bump

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