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28 Weeks and a GTT

2010 November 4
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 136-137 bpm

Fundus: 27.5 cm

How Far Along: 28 weeks 5 days (Welcome to the 3rd Trimester) How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is 16 inches long and about 2 1/2 lbs.  Keep growing little dude! Development:  His skill of the week is blinking.  And he also is beginning to have REM sleep, which means he may be dreaming about his parents-to-be.  It is also nice to know that his lungs are nearly fully mature at this point in time, but of course he still has plenty of growing to go. How huge is mama: The official number is 16 lbs total.  Luckily it seems to all be sitting in my belly and not distributing to other parts of my body.  Let's keep it that way Grant! Movement: Lots and lots of movement.  I thought for a few days that he was starting to slow down, however, he must have just been napping, because he is definitely in the full swing of complete body flips and turns inside this tummy of mine. Food: Not much change here, although I feel my sweet tooth starting to kick in more and more. Belly Button: Just barely and innie but again, the outer edges are definitely starting to "pop" out slightly. Preparations: We have started painting his room, well actually Erik started painting the room...Thanks Daddy-to-Be!  While I was away on my girls trip, Erik painted the bottom half of the wall (beneath the chair rail) shore blue from the restoration hardware paint selection.  It looks great!  Now we have to finalize what we want the top paint color to be. Pregnancy Symptoms: So the back pain has now moved to both sides and no longer in a focal.  I notice the most when I am standing for long periods of time, which is kind of a bad thing, because in my job, I am standing for long periods of time quite frequently.  I also have noticed a burning sensation on the superior part of my abdomen.  No the dreaded heartburn, but actually burning as if my skin were stretching at a crazy fast rate.  I told my physician and he said that Grant is growing and along with that is likely causing minor tears in my abdominal wall muscles...n ow isn't that pleasant. Milestones: I feel like completing the 1 hr GTT is a milestone in any pregnant woman's life.  This consists of fasting the night before, not eating breakfast, going into the physician's office at 8am (my appt time) and drinking 5 ounces of what can be described as flat, sugary, more viscous/thick orange soda.  Thank goodness they keep this stuff very cold or else it would be 10 times nastier.  Then I get to wait for an hour and have my blood drawn.  This is done to rule-out gestational diabetes.  I find out the results next week.  If I fail, I get to come back and do a 3 hr GTT. Looking forward to next: Our 4D Ultrasound is next week.  By the time we have our appointment, it will have been 10 weeks since we have seen his cute little mug.  We are pretty stoked!

28 Weeks and a Big Belly

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