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29 Weeks and 4D

2010 November 11
by Folgate
This week we got to experience our son in 4D.  What could be better than 3D you ask?  Well, the fact that the 4th dimension is time, and we got to see him in 3D LIVE.  It was so awesome!  We haven't seen Grant for 10 weeks (since our last US) and it is crazy how much he has grown.  During the US he kept sucking on his hand and yawning and we could see it all in 3D.  This little guys has got some chunky cheeks and full lips, which I believe he gets from his daddy.  It will be so neat to compare these pictures to what he actually looks like after we deliver.  I highly recommend the 4D to anyone interested, because it was just amazing! On a side note, I found out I failed my 1 hr GTT by just a few points, which prompted me having to complete a 3 hr GTT.  This was way worse in the fact that I had to be without food for 12 hours prior to testing, I had to sit in a lab for almost 4hrs, I had 4 blood draws, and had to drink about a can of coke worth of the nasty orange stuff.  Thank goodness for laptops and Netflix.  By the end, I had been fasting for 16hrs.  That just seems rude to do to a pregnant lady.  I find out the results at my 30 week visit so I will keep you posted. How Far Along: 29 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Grant is now 17 inches long (which is within 3 inches or so of his ultimate birth length) and weighs nearly 3 lbs.  The crazy thing is, that over the next 11 weeks he will double to triple in weight.  Let's hope that doesn't happen to mommy too 🙂 Development: Since Grant is gaining weight at such a rapid rate, which mainly is due to fat accumulation under his skin, the room in my womb will start to feel a little cramped, making it less likely that I will feel hard kicks and more likely that I will feel jabs and pokes from elbows and knees. How huge is mama: 16 lbs total, however, I now go to the doctor every 2 weeks, so I will get weighed again at 30 weeks. Movement: As noted in the development section, I do feel more jabs and pokes, but continue to feel his all out flips and turns.  It's pretty amazing! Food: Back to wanting to go to Olive Garden, but I don't think that Olive Garden agrees with baby Grant, because mommy doesn't always feel so great after she is done. Belly Button: Just barely an innie, pretty sure I will be completely poking out by the time I deliver. Preparations: We have baby shower coming up this weekend, so most of our preparations this week are getting ready for that.  We decided on the top wall color (above the chair rail) which is Sand Dollar from the restoration hardware collection.  He is so spoiled already with his fancy paint, furniture, and custom bedding! Pregnancy Symptoms: The back pain is getting a little worse, but again, mainly when I am in the operating room and standing for a long time. Milestones: Completing the painting in his room and oh yeah...the 4D US baby! Looking forward to next: Our baby shower this weekend.  I cannot wait to hang out with all of our family and friends who are coming together to honor our little man! On a side note: I forgot to take a 29 week picture of my belly...BUMMER!  Here is a sneak peek of the 4D US, for some reason all of the photos do not want to download appropriately.
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