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33 Weeks

2010 December 7
by Folgate
How Far Along: 33 weeks How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is likely to grow a full inch this week, taking him to about 20 inches long.  And he is gaining weight just as fast as I am (averaging out to 1/2 lb per week), which places him at just over 4 1/2 lbs. Development:  At this point in the pregnancy, because Grant is getting so big, my amniotic fluid level has maxed out, which is why his pokes and kicks are much more uncomfortable, because there is little fluid to act as a buffer or to cushion the blow.  Antibodies are also being passed from me to Grant in order to start his immune system and keep him healthy when he enters this world. How huge is mama: Next weigh in is in another week.  I am not one of those crazy girls who weighs herself everyday.  Or maybe it is because I am a little OCD and prefer to be measured on the same scale every time in order to be the most accurate. Movement: He still loves hanging out on my right, and with his feet up towards my ribs, which means lots of nice kicks and punches right where it counts. Food: Nothing new to report except I seem to be eating more.  I feel like my appetite is increasing, and maybe that is due to the fact, that from this point on Grant should gain about ½ lb per week. Belly Button: It’s over folks, I am definitely an outie now.  It seems so weird seeing this belly button, when my normal one looks so different. Preparations: We are taking our first pre-natal class this week.  Or maybe I should rephrase that and say I am taking our first class this week.  It is pre-natal breastfeeding and Erik is not sure if there is too much for him to learn from that standpoint.  I will keep you posted if I was the only “single” mother there. Pregnancy Symptoms: Thoracic back pain still.  At times it seems so intense (like when I am standing in the OR) that I could literally tear up.  It normally resolves if I change position. Milestones: I registered at Winnie Palmer Hospital this past week, which means they are now ready for us when we show up through the doors screaming in pain due to contractions…haha! Looking forward to next: Our next appointment with the doctor in one week.  I love going and hearing our little man’s heartbeat.  Isn’t that just one of the most wonderful sounds?

33 Weeks and an undecorated tree

Whoa Baby Belly

The Big Sister

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  1. December 21, 2010

    whoa baby belly is right!!! let’s get some pics of the outtie on here!

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