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35 Weeks

2010 December 23
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 155-156 bpm

Fundus: 36.5 cm (measuring a week ahead)

How Far Along: 35 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is still likely around 20 inches, however, the baby books don’t know who his Daddy is, so I have a feeling he is going to be quite long.  And he is now tipping the scales at just about 5 1/2 lbs. Development:  During the 35th week, he will continue to pack on the pounds, but also many more brain cells.  Brain development continues at a mind-boggling pace, making Grant a little on the top heavy side.  Also, at this time, Grant has likely settled into a heads-down, bottom-up position which is preparing him to be delivered. How huge is mama: Gained another 3 lbs (I find it hard to believe) so we are sitting at a grand total of 27 lbs right now. Movement: He has now started shifting from being mainly on my right to equally on both my right and left sides.  I think he is starting to shift into the vertex position, which is head first, as he is preparing to enter the world in the next few weeks. Food: Enjoying my sweets.  Now with the holiday season upon us, there are so many junk food items that are available, and I want to eat them all. Belly Button: For sure an outie, and to the point, where if you look close enough you can see it when I am wearing a tight shirt. Preparations: His room is ready and waiting for his bedding.  Thank goodness Grandma arrives this week and will hopefully have it completed and in hand.  We also need to get a bookcase and a rocking chair, which we have yet to find with any luck.  I also finished packing Grant’s bag with his welcome home outfit, and am nearly complete with packing my bag. Pregnancy Symptoms: So after my appointment with Dr. Snow last week on Thursday, I started to have what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions.  I had some irregular ones for about 30mins on Friday night and then two more on Saturday morning.  Of course, when I mentioned this to Erik, he freaked out that we didn’t have our bags packed, etc.  He was very cute and concerned.  Therefore, the next night we starting completing the bag packing process (see above in preparations).  Since Saturday morning (12/18), I haven’t had any further contractions.  This week has also been the first week that I have truly felt "very" pregnant and extremely tired and exhausted.  Sleeping at night is becoming non-existent, as it is so hard and uncomfortable for me to change from side-to-side, and that's not counting all the times I have to get up to use the restroom at night.  I also have had a lot more pelvic pressure. Milestones:  We had our first pelvic exam today to check Grant's progress.  Right now I am 50% effaced, my cervix is closed, and I am at a -2 station.  So Dr. Snow did not think I would be going into labor this week.  I return for my next appointment the following Thursday 12/30.  We also met our Pediatrician today, who is very awesome and down-to-earth.  And another benefit to him is that his office is literally within walking distance to our house.  The benefits of working in medicine are the definitely the perks of knowing some great physicians. Looking forward to next: Christmas is this weekend…YAY!  I cannot wait to spend time with family.  And since I will be 36 weeks pregnant on Christmas day, everyone is traveling to us and having dinner at our home.  I hope we all remember that Christmas represents Christ's birth, who took on flesh as a man, to take on our sins so that we may have life within the Lord and be forgiven.  AMEN!

35 Weeks Preggo

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