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38 Weeks

2011 January 15
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 135 bpm (Monday) & 134 bpm (Thursday)

Fundus: 38.5cm (Monday) & 40cm (measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead on Thursday)

How Far Along: 38 weeks 6 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is "supposed" to be about 7 lbs and approximately 20 inches (give or take an inch).  We know from last weeks US that he is definitely going to be beating the averages in the weight and height department at birth. Development:  During the 38th week, Grant is basically ready for the BIG show, with just a few minor touches to add.  He is currently shedding his protective vernix and lanugo which keeps his skin from becoming cracked and dried in his watery environment.  And he is producing more surfactant that will prevent the air sacs in his lungs from sticking together when he begins to breathe outside of the womb, which hopefully will be real soon! How huge is mama: After being placed on bed rest on Thursday (1/6), I had an appointment on Monday (1/10) at which time I had lost 5 lbs, all water-weight from swelling no doubt.  Then I went back on Thursday (1/13) and gained 1 lb.  So overall, I am sitting pretty at 30 lbs total which was my goal weight. Movement: He still is a mover and a shaker, but I have noticed this past week, that the strong jabs and pokes are definitely less noticeable and it is now mostly rolling with pushing of his butt, head, and elbows/knees into my belly, which sometimes hurt worse than the strong kicks, especially when he hits me dead on in the ribs or right in the middle. Food: I never really left my dairy kick throughout the pregnancy, but it seems that over the last week or two that my milk consumption has skyrocketed.  I drink it ALL the time, with everything and anything.  Even when I wake up in the middle of the night because my throat is dry, it is my drink of choice.  So that means a lot of trips to Publix for Erik and I (or maybe more for Erik...haha). Belly Button: Outie...there's no turning back at this point! Preparations: We had two appointments this week (as mentioned above) which will continue until I deliver due to the gestational hypertension (high blood pressure).  On Monday my BP was around 124/74 and I had lost 5 lbs so they were comfortable with those numbers and the progress I had made since being placed on bed rest.  However, I hadn't made much progress in the dilatation department, continuing to be 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, anterior position, and station -2.  On Thursday I went back for another check-up and my BP was fairly stable at 126/80 and a weight gain of 1 lb.  However there was some progress down below, with 1 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and a much softer cervix.  These are good signs, but for good measure he decided to try and move things along with "stripping the membranes".  This was not a pleasant feeling to say the least, and involves his fingers scraping the "membranes" inside my 1 cm dilated cervix to help remove the mucous plug and detach the amniotic sac slightly to allow it to be more likely to rupture (water to break).  Let's just say I was bearing down so hard because it hurt that I am surprised he got his fingers and hand back...haha!  They say that if it works to induce natural labor, that it will take place in 24-72 hrs, let's keep our fingers crossed as nothing has happened yet. Pregnancy Symptoms: No Braxton-Hicks, strong contractions, or cramping as of yet.  Definitely feeling the pelvic pressure, but nothing consistent.  I think Grant is happy in his watery home and in no rush it seems. Milestones:  We received his bookshelf and rocking chair and these are set-up and his room is almost complete with the exception of his shelves on the walls.  Pictures to come soon! Looking forward to next: I return to the doctor's office again on Monday (1/17) pending I do not go into natural labor this weekend.  When I go in on Monday, if my BP (diastolic) is greater than 80, then they will induce me on Tuesday (1/18).  If everything is fine at that point, they will continue to let my body attempt natural labor, and if nothing happens next week, then there is an end in sight, and I will be officially induced on Tuesday (1/25).  We are just so excited to meet this little guy, but I have a feeling he is going to be stubborn like his mommy and relaxed and in no rush like his daddy!

38 Weeks

The soon-to-be parents

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  1. Casey permalink
    January 15, 2011

    Your post says Jan 15th, but it popped up in my RSS feed, and it is only the 14th…at least I thought it was 🙂

    The membrane stripping totally works! Tobey was born 24 hours after my membrane stipping. I have high hopes for you guys this weekend!

  2. January 15, 2011

    Holy belly mama! It’s getting so close, I just cant wait to meet little man 😀

  3. lauren permalink
    January 16, 2011

    Lindz, the belly is awesome! I know you are ready to pop, but you look so beautiful!!! Can’t wait for when grant gets here!!

  4. February 3, 2011

    Good news dude! My one will come in next year may be 😉

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