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39 Weeks

2011 January 21
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 135-137 bpm (Monday) & 134-135 (Thursday)

Fundus: 41cm (Monday) &  40.5-41cm (Thursday)

How Far Along: 39 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Apparently, according to the books, there is not much change in the weight and height department this week, however, I feel like he is still growing and my skin is definitely still stretching.  They mention that this week, his growth may slow down or  even take a hiatus until after delivery.  On average, he should weight about 7-8 lbs and measures between 19-21 inches. Development:  During the 39th week, even though Grant's growth has possibly plateaued, he is still making great strides in brain development at a rapid rate that will continue until about age 3.  His pink skin has now turned white or "whitish", and despite the race of the baby, will be that way since pigmentation does not develop until soon after birth. How huge is mama: At my Monday (1/17) appointment I gained 1 lb so currently placing me at 31 lbs total, however, I then lost 1 lb at my Thursday appointment (1/20), so I am still right at 30 lbs total...which, as previously noted, was my goal weight during this pregnancy. Movement: Still lots of rolling around in there and he seems to have the hiccups an awful lots these days. Food: Pretty much the same.  I have realized that if I do not snack more at this point that I have periods where I feel hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and experience nausea and dizziness...which as a 39 week pregnant momma does not make one feel so great! Belly Button: No Change...Outie! Preparations: My Monday appointment has come and gone without much change.  My BP was stable at 124/80, and since my diastolic was 80 or less, they did not feel any need for induction to occur on Tuesday (1/18)...BUMMER.  I was slightly more dilated at 1.5cm, still 70% effaced, anterior position, soft cervix.  Overall fairly stable when compared to last week.  I was hoping that at todays appointment (1/20) that things would have progressed, as I have been feeling some tightening of my abdomen/uterus, but to no avail, little Grant is perfectly happy in his watery home and there has been no change at all, still leaving me 1.5cm dilated, 70% effaced, anterior position, and soft cervix.  I must be a glutton for punishment, because I asked (yes you heard that right) to have my membranes stripped again.  I would really like to go into natural labor without having to be induced, so I thought this might be my last chance to make that's to hoping it works! Pregnancy Symptoms: Occasional cramping and possible contractions mainly with position changes at night during sleeping, but nothing constant or unbearable.  As noted above, I have also been having much more frequent abdominal/uterine tightening, which are likely contractions, but again, nothing too painful or difficult to deal with. Milestones:  The shelves are up in his room with all of his Gator knick-knacks.  Now all we need is Grandma to finish the final curtain and it will be ready for its debut.  It looks so cute!! Looking forward to next: Again, pending no natural labor this week, I will officially be induced at 4am on Tuesday (1/25).  Here's to hoping for natural labor soon, because they say that it could be a longer induction pending there is no change in my cervix prior to then, and who wants a longer labor process than necessary (not this girl).  I feel like these last few weeks have been eternity.  Its partially due to me not working, so I have nothing to think about but labor and delivery.  And the most exciting part that makes the weeks go by so slow, is that we really want to meet this little rascal who has been cooking in mommy's belly for the past 10 months.  It is going to be so amazing to meet this little man.  Lately I have been watching a lot of "The Baby Story" on TLC (as mentioned above...I am currently on bed rest and not working...haha), and every time I see one of the babies being born I cry, so I can only imagine myself being a complete emotional wreck when I see that sweet little face for the first time.  Come on Grant, let's get this party started! Upcoming Events: In other news, Erik's co-workers are throwing us a joint baby shower with one of his other pregnant co-workers today so that should be fun.  People have been so extremely generous and we are very thankful!

39 weeks and ready to "pop"

39 Week Close Up

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  1. January 25, 2011

    Can’t wait to meet this little guy TOMORROW!!!! WOOOO!!! I can’t believe the time has come!

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