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4 Weeks Happened Too Fast

2012 August 10
by Folgate
Well as of Tuesday (8/7) our little girl turned 4 weeks.  When and how did that happen so quickly, I cannot even believe it.  Slow down little girl, don't grow up on me as fast as your big brother has. At 4 Weeks: --You LOVE to sleep, just not necessarily at night all the time.  You can sleep for 4 hr intervals and at night it seems as if this is cut to 2.5 hrs because you sleep so much during the day.  We need to get this switched around 🙂 --Your eating has improved.  You are a champ and are mastering your suck, swallow, breath daily, as this is quite hard with a cleft palate. --You have gained 20.5 ozs in 20 days...PTL, because mommy was quite the mess when you had lost weight in the beginning. --You smile in your sleep (likely gas) and it is the CUTEST thing ever. --You are very tolerant of your touchy/lovey brother who is not always very "gentle". --You can sleep through anything!  Thank goodness, because with an 18 month old and a dog around, this house is quite loud. --You like baths, but not the drying off part. --You are very moany-groany and make the funniest sounds, sometimes sounding like a teradactyl.  Because of this, your nickname is "Squeakers". --You are super strong and can lift your head and hold it up to look at people while resting on our chests. --You seem to prefer your big girl crib for sleeping, however, mommy is not ready for you to be that far away and is not ready for you to wake up your big brother should you cry in the middle of the night. --You like to sleep on your tummy, just like Grant. Thanks for being the sweetest girl EVER and completing our family.  We love you Miss Ashlyn Elizabeth!

The Picture Bear!

Cute Girl!

Big Bro & Little Sis

Little Sisters Rock!

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