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A Few Firsts

2011 March 18
by Folgate
Since Grant has been home, our lives have definitely changed, and it has been for the better.  We have had some tough nights of no sleep and constant crying (by all of us...not just Grant), but overall, its hard to remember life before he came around.  We are so in love with him and its hard not to realize how precious and sweet he is when you look at his little face.  We are truly blessed to be this little guys parents and it is our prayer that the Lord will teach us how to raise him by delighting in him and trusting in the Lord. This post is going to encompass some of his firsts, which are to be expected.  And it has been so fun getting to experience them with him. First Bath (1/30/11): Grant's first bath took place in his bathtub in his bedroom so we would have more space to spread out.  He didn't like being placed in the bath "sling" because it made the bath slightly colder, but he could not be submerged yet because of his umbilical cord and circumcision which hadn't fully healed.  However, he did LOVE getting his hair washed and then being snuggly in his towel afterwards.

He was a little chilly

Hair Washing

Warm, Cozy, & Happy

So Fresh & So Clean

First Tummy Time (1/30/11): After Grant's first bath, we placed him down for some tummy time.  He is such a strong little boy and he already has great head/neck control.  He can literally lift his head straight up and turn it from side-to-side.  We were amazed! First Doctor's Appointment (2/1/11): During his first doctor's appointment, we were mainly being seen to check his circumcision site and his weight gain. The day we left the hospital, Grant had lost 14 ozs during his stay, which they said not to worry about because he was such a BIG baby and my milk had not fully come in yet.  During his visit, everything checked out fine and he gained 2 ozs.  They had forewarned us, that most babies gain all of their weight back by their 2 week appointment, but that it may take Grant longer because he was a bigger baby.  But to our amazement, at his second appointment at 2 weeks old, he had gained his birth weight back plus 1/2 an ounce, putting him at 10 lbs 14 ozs.  He is such an overachiever already!

1st & 2nd Appointment Stats:

2/1/11: 10 lbs 1 oz & 22.5 inches

2/10/11: 10 lbs 14 ozs & 22.5 inches

Going to see Dr. Chong for the first time

Lookin' Gangsta on his way to his 2nd appt

Dr. Chong's Office--2nd Appt

First Outing (2/5/11): For Grant's first outing, we went to see his cousins (Ben and Anthony) play basketball.  Unfortunately, they lost the game, but we found out that Grant does not mind loud noises, as he slept right through the whole game.

Anthony shooting free throws

Ben & Anthony on Defense

Hanging out with Grandpa & Jonissa

Eating...his favorite activity!

First SuperBowl Sunday (2/6/11): For Superbowl Sunday, we had all the family over at our house to watch the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We are a Steelers family by Marriage, since Matt (our Brother-in-Law) is from there.  Unfortunately, the Steelers lost, but Grant still had a fun time.

Daddy & Grant

First Family/Friend Visitors at Home: Sunday (1/30): Grant was visited by his Mema and his cousins (Ben & Anthony). Monday (1/31): Grant was visited by ADB who graciously brought us dinner Saturday (2/5): Grant was visited by his Aunt Laura and cousins (Corbin & Mia)

Mema & Grant

Left to Right: Grant, Ben, & Anthony

ADB & Grant

Left to Right: Corbin, Aunt Laura, Grant, & Mia

First Photo Shoot (2/7/11): Our friend and fantastic photographer Jenny Schartner of Captured Photography came to Orlando to shoot Grant's newborn photos.  She did an amazing job and we look forward to her doing his 6 and 12 month photos as well.  He was such a good boy, especially because during the outdoor shots it became quite windy and slightly chilly, and our little man was out there in his birthday suit.  He topped the photo shoot off by peeing in his crib, on himself, and on my hand, but thankfully he did not poop.  We cannot believe how much he has already changed from this first photo shoot.  Thanks so much for the life-long treasure Jenny!

A little lovin' from mom and dad

A Naked Gator Fan

Cutest Kid EVER

So Peaceful!

Family Photo

Playing with his toys

Cute Tootsies

First Family Walk (2/8/11): Since we have been home, we have been making a point to make sure Harley knows she is equally as loved as she was before Grant arrived.  We were told by our vet to make sure we do not change too much of her normal routine.  So we got the stroller out, got the baby all snuggly, and took Harley to Formosa Park to play with her tennis ball.

Harley is not too fond of the stroller

Erik with his daughter and son

First Fully Submerged Bath (2/11/11): Due to Grant's umbilical cord continuing to heal, he was not able to be placed in the bath with water around him, so once that puppy fell off on 2/11 we took the opportunity to introduce Grant to the wonders of a warm bath.  If he is anything like his mama, he will love showers and will want them to be SUPER HOT!  Erik always yells at me for taking such hot showers, but it feels so dang good.  Especially now when it is a chore just to get in the shower:)

Our Little Doll

Check out that belly!

First UF Gators Basketball Game (2/12/11): For Christmas, I bought Erik tickets for the UF vs UT basketball game.  At the time, the OB/GYN thought that I would definitely not make it to full-term since I was already effaced and dilating, so I confidently bought the tickets thinking Grant will atleast be 4 weeks old.  We all know that my thinking could not have been more wrong, as Grant waited to be evicted from my womb, making him only 2.5 weeks old during the time of this game.  Erik and I decided we were going to make it a fun trip no matter what and would take whatever Grant threw at us.  He was amazing!  We stopped at Uncle Steve and Aunt Caroline's house first and made sure the little man was well fed.  After that visit, we ventured to the game, and the big boy slept the whole way through.  We couldn't believe it, because it was quite loud in there, and at times I had to put "ear muffs" over his ears.  The Gators won in buzzer beater fashion with Erving Walker scoring the winning lay-up making the score UF 61 UT 60.  GO GATORS!

Uncle Steve & Aunt Caroline

Mommy & Grant

The O'Connell Center

UF 61 vs UT 60

A Family of Gators

First Holidays (2/14/11 & 3/17/11): Grama Lynn wanted to be the one to get Grant all of his "first" holiday bibs/outifts.  Since Grant was born in January he will get to experience all the holidays in chronological order (except New years) which is pretty awesome.  So far we have had the joy of celebrating Valentine's Day, which included us going out to dinner with the Gables at Jade bistro.  The funniest thing about that night was the Asian lady who attempted to take our picture, completely cutting Matt out of it, and the Indian couple who came in while she was doing it and demanded that we allow them to take a repeat picture.  It was pretty hilarious.  We have also celebrated St. Patrick's Day, which included us staying in and eating Irish of us right?

Our Little Cupid

Without Matt...Take One!

With Matt...Take Two!

"Irish you would kiss me"

Happy St. Patty's Day

First Trip to Disney...Kinda (2/24/11-2/26/11) Before I went on maternity leave, I had CME (continuing medical education) money I had to use before the deadline, so I had signed up for the Southern Neurosurgical Society Conference at the Grand Floridian Resort in Disney World. So being the adventurous parents we are, we decided to take the opportunity and bring a newborn to stay in the nicest resort at Disney.  Grant did pretty well considering he was only 4 weeks old and completely out of his element.  And Erik and I had a good time ordering room service and playing by the pool.  We definitely loved the hotel and will definitely return someday.  By the way, the monorail picks you up directly outside of the hotel...HOLLA!

Representing the Gators at the Grand Floridian

In front of the hotel near the carriage

Can we say...ROOM SERVICE!

I am sure there will be many more firsts that will be posted on here...but this is just the beginning!  ENJOY!          
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  1. March 18, 2011

    So cute! I love all the pics. Oh, and Jon yells at me too for taking really hot showers 🙂

  2. Casey Slide permalink
    March 18, 2011

    Wow, great post! Good job at capturing all the “firsts”! Ditto about Adam “yelling” at me about hot showers. He doesn’t really yell, but you know what I mean. Must be a guy/girl thing.

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