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A Nice Night For a Walk

2010 September 13
by Folgate
You know you are a true Floridian when you decide to take a walk with your husband and you look outside to find heat lightening, loud thunder, and clouds that look like Armageddon is coming and you say to each other, "Its not so bad, it's probably going to pass over, and I am sure we will have enough time for the walk".  WRONG!  Erik and I started our walk around the neighborhood only to quickly find out that the weather was really bad, was not going to pass over, and that we did not have enough time for the walk.  Midway through the walk sheets of rain started pouring down.  Of course the natural thing to do was RUN home, however, as we were running home, a bolt of lightening struck what felt like right in front of us.  So we made a quick detour under someones car port, thankfully the house was vacant, or that could have been awkard.  We stood there for about 15min thinking the rain would let up and it didn't.  Finally we made the executive decision to go for it and RUN the rest of the way home through huge puddles of rain and lightening flashing above us.  Thankfully we arrived safely home, soaking wet and laughing.  It was a great memory, especially seeing a pregnant girl run through the streets.

Erik after the "Walk/Run"

Me after the "Walk/Run"

Our shoes after puddle jumping

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  1. benny g permalink
    October 17, 2010

    hi aunt lindzee i did not see how big your stomach was i was going to go see you but i stayed at dad’s house and mema and anthony did get to see you. Really wanted to see you, but I will see you some other time. love benny.

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