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Grant’s Birthday

2011 February 17
by Folgate
As many of you know (from the previous post), we were induced on Tuesday 1/25 because Grant wanted to continue to live in his watery home, and that day was eviction day.  We arrived at Winnie Palmer at 4am and were quickly admitted and taken to the Labor and Delivery floor.  The typical questions were asked and it wasn't long until the pitocin was started (at around 545am to be exact).  Erik and I thought for sure we would be the "lucky" ones and would deliver our sweet son that afternoon, since we were already about 1.5-2cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Boy were we wrong.

40 Weeks...The Last Supper

Morning of Induction

Around 12pm I decided that I would like a walking epidural as the contractions were becoming very painful, which is to be expected, especially when being induced with pitocin.  However, I apparently waited too long and by the time I was ready for the epidural, the pain was so bad and the contractions were so close together with very strong peaks, that they were unsure a walking epidural was going to work.  I was adament however, because I wanted to be able to be up walking to the restroom and around the unit, which you cannot do with a regular epidural.  After the epidural was placed, the pain was controlled, but due to Grant not tolerating the crazy strong contractions, they reduced our pitocin all the way back to zero, therefore, meaning we had to essentially start over.  The rest of the afternoon was filled with walking around the L & D floor, bouncing on the birthing ball, and going to the restroom.

Smiling and Happy despite contractions

My Mother and the Pregnant Lady

Finally at 8pm our night shift nurse Carmen came to the rescue and recommended we transition the walking epidural to a regular epidural because she was really going to start ramping up the pitocin.  At the time that Carmen began her shift I was only 3 cm dilated.  She had me changing into all sorts of positions to help stimulate dilation and by 1:30am I was finally 10 cm.  They had me "labor down" for about an hour, which basically meant me laying there and processing the contractions.  At 2:30am I started to feel pressure and we knew it was time to push.  Erik and I thought this was going to be the quick part and our baby boy would be here before we knew it...WRONG.  I labored (actively pushing) with Grant crowning for 2.5 hrs.  Finally Dr. Snow came in and gave us the look (without saying words) of "this is going to be a big baby and maybe we should have done a C-Section".  However, once he saw how far I had pushed Grant into the canal, there was no turning back.

Daddy during labor...he was great!

About to start pushing...for 2.5-3 hrs

He quickly changed our whole birthing plan in a matter of minutes, as he knew I was quite fatigued and Grant was too.  He recommended and episiotomy and suction to help with the delivery.  The epidural seemed to be pretty light at this point, so I had the joy of being numbed locally with an injection for the episiotomy.  Once that was done, we pushed on a few more contractions, and with the assistance of the suction (which popped off twice because Grant was so big), I was able to deliver his head. All of a sudden, the word "shoulders" were uttered, and before we knew what was going on, the trauma team was called into our room and there were probably around 15 people in there ready to help me and Grant.  When a baby has "shoulder dystocia" (meaning the shoulders get stuck), time is of the essence, because the umbilical cord can become compromised and cut off blood and oxygen supply to the baby.  With that being said, things took a scary turn for all of us.  My bed was flattened out, my legs were completely straightened, my physician had both hands around Grants shoulders, and 4 nurses pushed Erik aside and literally jumped on top of me and pushed as hard as possible on my stomach.  This was done twice and thankfully in a matter of 48 seconds Grant was out.  Mind you, I was screaming this whole time due to pain and fear, and people were encouragingly yelling, "you need to push like your life depends on it." At first, Grant was not crying which again brought on more fear for me.  But Erik said he looked fine and actually seemed "stunned" but smirked at Erik and our two mothers.  He was quickly taken over to the team ready to suction him and give him oxygen and in a matter of minutes he was crying out loud.  His Apgars were 5 at 1 minute and 9 at 5 minutes.  Erik was then allowed to go over to him and take photos.  They asked Erik how big he thought Grant was and Erik said "about 9 lbs 5 ozs?"  Obviously, that was way off, and when they placed Grant on the scale, Erik looked at the numbers like they were being read in a different metric system.  The scale said 10 lbs 13.4 ozs and he was 22.5 inches long.  Needless to say, we were all shocked, and I mean ALL of us.  We had never imagined he was that big, especially since 2.5 weeks prior we had an US saying he was about 7 lbs 11 ozs.

10 lbs 13.4 ozs in all his glory

Grant skipped newborn diapers and went right to size 1

Grant was taken to the transition nursery due the shoulder dystocia and I was left in the L & D suite to be attended to, since there are some "issues" after birthing an 11 lb baby vaginally.  I actually was one of very few women who was able to go to the post-partum unit with a walking epidural because they felt bad for the what my lady parts sustained...haha!  We were like rockstars for the remainder of our stay in the hospital, as everyone could not believe we had such a BIG baby and that he was not delivered by C-Section.  We kept getting asked if we knew he was going to be that big or if I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy...NOPE!

Aunt Ashley and Grant

Mema and Grant

Grandpa Kasper and Grant

Grama Lynn and Grant

Daddy and his boy

Mommy and Son

The little buster pulling out his binky

Check out those cheeks

We were discharged home on Friday (1/28) and it felt so good and natural to be bringing our little one home with us.  We were now complete and loved the fact that he was all ours.  He has been doing well at home, and overall is such a good baby.  He just likes to be up from 8pm to 12am every night, which is a habit we need to quickly break.  During the day he is such a good boy, and we have been able to take him to many places with us if we plan it right and after he has eaten.  Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and comments...we truly feel blessed in so many ways, and being a mother and father is more than we could have every imagined.  People were definitely right though...SLEEP while you still can, because that has been thrown out the window.

Leaving the Hospital...still looking 6 months pregnant!

First Car Ride

It's a Boy...He's Home!

Meeting his sister Harley

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  1. Jessie Rosson permalink
    March 19, 2011

    Oh My Goodness Lindzee!!! I am just reading this all now! I can not believe what you went through!!! You ARE a rockstar…I am in awe of what you did and how you handled it! It just goes to show you how truely strong women are!! I can’t wait to meet Grant! He is Beautiful!

    • Folgate permalink*
      March 19, 2011

      Thanks Jessie…it was quite the eventful labor and delivery, but well worth it in the end for such a great prize. We cannot wait for you all to meet him either. Let me know what the dates are that you are planning on being in Florida and we will make sure we visit down in WPB. Grant needs to meet his future BFF/Girlfriend…haha!

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