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Happy Birthday Sweet Ashlyn Elizabeth

2012 July 24
by Folgate
I cannot believe that we are currently parents of two children under 17 months of age.  These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind, and at the same time seem like they have been crawling.  Ashlyn's original due date was 7/19, however, given that she was a stubborn little girl and would not change from her breech positioning she was welcomed into the world via a scheduled C-Section on 7/10. We first discovered our little girl was breech at our 33 week 4D US.  We thought that she would eventually change positions so at the time we were not too concerned.  As most may remember, BIG brother Grant weighed in at 10lbs 13.4ozs, so Miss Ashlyn and I had been getting scheduled ultrasounds every 2-4 weeks to check her size.  She too was on track to be quite the large baby as she was consistently increasing her weight 1 to 1.5 lbs every US.  Given this information and the fact that she continued to be breech during my 37 week US, the executive decision was made to have a C-Section on 7/10.  I was told that if she turned head down, but continued to be large, that a C-Section would be done as well to prevent the same issue that Grant had with shoulder dystocia which becomes a life threatening emergency to the baby.  However, if she was head down and of normal size, they would induce that day regardless.  At my 38 week appt, she continued to be breech, despite some at home attempts by me to get her to change, and the plan was in full effect. We arrived at Winnie Palmer Hospital on 7/10 at 7am for pre-op where I was set-up with monitors, an IV, and an epiural.  By 8:55am we were rolling into the OR, which when you work in the OR and suddenly find yourself on the other side of curtain, is quite the scary experience.  They took me back first and got me set up and then Erik entered.  The procedure itself did not take long and by 9:24am our sweet girl entered the world at 8lbs 4.7ozs and 19 inches long, by 9:46am I was done being tended to, and by 10am we were all in recovery together.  Because she was 9-10 days earlier than her expected due date, she was considered "LGA" (Large for Gestational Age).  Meaning she likely would have been well over 9lbs or more had she stayed in until her due date.  We were blessed to have many great people in the OR, many of whom we knew personally because they helped care for my nephew Matthew while he was in the NICU.  This is not typical protocol, but because we know them personally, Matthew's primary nurse, respiratory therapist, and NICU physician were the first to evaluate Ashlyn.  Thankfully this was the case because Dr. Lipman found that Ashlyn had a cleft palate of the soft palate (not to be confused with cleft lip, which she DOES NOT have).  We were told this was minimal and likely would not effect her in any way regarding her milestones.  I say "thankfully" they evaluated her, because most of the time this goes unnoticed and if you have a vaginal delivery and are out of the hopsital after 36-48 hrs, these babies return to the ER with issues of poor feeding and weight loss, at which time it is then discovered. At first in recovery, we attempted breastfeeding and she seemed to have a difficult time latching.  I thought nothing of it originally because Grant did the same thing, and after he took a nap, he latched like a pro and never stopped for 10 months.  However, later in the evening, after being evaluated with the lactation consultant for 1 hr, she was still having a difficult time.  We were given a special bottle to try, but were not instructed really on how to use this.  I of course, then had an emotional mommy breakdown because of her not eating and the raging hormones.  The following day our Pediatrician came to see her and confirmed the cleft and told us that it will need surgical repair in the future.  One of the blessings of having worked at Arnold Palmer, is I know all the subspecialists personally which included Craniofacial (the surgeons that repair cleft palates).  We had speech therapy come by and they successfully showed us how to use the Haberman bottle to feed her and she took to it quickly.  They have not counted breastfeeding out completely at this point, but until then I have been continuing to pump to give her breastmilk.  We were seen by the craniofacial team and they mentioned that she will need surgical repair likely around 12 months of age, but up until then, besides the special bottle, does not need to be treated any differently than the way we raised Grant. She is the most beautiful and sweet little girl.  She resembles her big brother a lot and their profiles and "pouty" faces are exactly the same.  Thankfully they both got the same cute button nose, of which Erik and I do not have.  She has made the transition of being parents to two under 17 months fairly easy up until this point, because she really just wants to eat, be changed, and sleep.  She will sleep for 3-4 hour intervals between feedings, which is a drastic difference between her and Grant as newborns.  We often call her "squeakers" because of the cute sounds she makes and compared to Grant at this age, she is a little peanut.  Erik is certainly happy to have a Daddy's girl, as Grant is quite the Mommy's boy.  I am certain she already has him wrapped around her little finger and that this will continue on until adulthood.  Grant has been transitioning well.  He was uncertain of her in the beginning and was jealous of his parents and especially his grandmothers holding her, but has now taken to wanting to be around her at all times, staring at her in her bassinet, trying to swing her in the swing, and giving her plenty of hugs and kisses.  We honestly could not feel more blessed that the Lord has entrusted these two little ones onto us, and we take great pride in wanting to raise them well to be respectable adults who never know a day without the Lord or Love in their lives.  We know things are going to be hectic and crazy at times, but what an adventure this is going to be.  As for a third child, that will have to be decided in the distant future, cause as of now, we are content with these two precious souls.  Welcome to the world Ashlyn Elizabeth, we love you so much!

Ashlyn Elizabeth Folgate
8 lbs 4.7 ozs

Proud Daddy!

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Big Brother!


Peacefully Sleeping

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  1. October 30, 2012

    What a blessing she is .

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