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Hello Second Trimester (13 weeks)

2010 July 17
by Folgate
During the 13th week we were able to go and celebrate our good friends daughter's (Ansley) first birthday.  She was very cute and a good sport about everything, even wearing the hat, but she was not digging the cupcake.  Apparently this was her first time having any sort of sugar, and I guess they have trained her well to love her veggies, because she cried when they tried to make her eat it.  It was too cute! In other news, we had some unexpected doctors visits during this week as well.  During the 13th week, while I was on call for work one night, I woke up to a parent phone call at 1am.  After I finished the phone call, I of course went to use the restroom, since I do that quite frequently these days, and I noticed a small amount of spotting.  Well given our history I completely freaked out.  I tried to remain calm at first and called our doctor at 1am, and she stated it was probably just a small capillary on the surface of my cervix that had ruptured and that was likely what the bleeding was from.  In the end, she was right, but at the time I let my emotions get the best of me.  I woke Erik up in a panic (note to self: NEVER do that again, because the way I was crying he probably thought I was dying…those darn pregnant emotions get the best of you).  He finally calmed me down and we went back to sleep.  However, we were scheduled to fly out that same day to Michigan for our "family reunion" and so we decided to head on over to the hospital for a quick check prior to departure.  Six hours, a gynocological exam, and an Ultrasound later, we found out everything with our sweet precious baby was A-OK.  Despite the happenings, it was fun getting to see our little munchkin again and see how big he/she was getting.  I was still measuring right on track and the heart rate was 165 beats per minute (bpm).

Folgates with Ansley (Birthday Girl)

13 weeks

The Family minus Harley

Baby’s Stats from 3rd US at 13 weeks 4 days

Heartbeat at 13 weeks 4 days: 165

Measurement: 13 weeks and 3 days

13 week profile

13 Weeks

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