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I’m Two!

2013 January 31
by Folgate
I cannot even believe I am writing this post!  I am not sure how we got to this point so quickly, and I am not too sure I like it:)  The Thursday before your birthday, I can vividly remember sitting at your table and just watching you in amazement at the little man you have become.  This image of you playing at your wooden table in the living room caused me to tear up, ok I lied, it caused me to cry.  When you went from being a baby to a one year old that was tough, but atleast you were still a baby.  But the fact that you are now two officially means you are a toddler, and I am just not ready to admit that fact yet.  You being born seems like yesterday, and part of that is because it really wasn't that long ago.  I remember sitting in the hospital lobby with our sixteen bags so anxious in anticipation of meeting your sweet face.  Then 26 hours later (with 3 hours of pushing) your 10 lb 13.4 oz body came into the world and changed our lives forever.  You made me a mommy, and for that I am forever grateful.  You have taught me so much about the person I am and the multitude of sinful ways that I am guilty of.  You challenge me everyday, whether I am willing to accept that challenge or not:)  You truly are one of kind, I can honestly say that! Please don't ever change that!  You have so much passion, and often we term you our "drama king".  You certainly wear your emotions on your sleeve, much like your mommy, but I am not sure there is anything wrong with that (maybe we should ask daddy that question). At 2 Years Old Grant Is: --Going to school 3 days per week from 9-1pm at St. Vincent's Academy.  Your teachers name is Miss Jessica and you adore her. --Quite the dancer.  This is absolutely your favorite thing to do at this point.  You often end every evening in your bedroom listening to the Fresh Beat Band and bring all of us, even Ashlyn, in there to dance with you.  You like to shut the door behind us and lock the door so we can't escape. --A Picky eater!  Much to our dismay you have become even more picky.  You will sometimes turn down your staples like macaroni, pizza, and chicken nuggets.  The interesting thing is you often eat stuff at school that you would never eat at home.  We are hoping this is just a phase, and until then we will continue to offer you a variety, although you vehemently refuse it. --Quite Chatty!  This doesn't mean we always know what you are saying, but you love to talk.  You favorite words right now are purple, yellow (said ye-yo), and blue (said booo), although you do know all of your colors.  You love matchbox cars and often tell us truck, car, and bus.  You know all of our names and proudly shout them, especially since you don't like to be more than an arm's reach from us. --In love with Finding Nemo!  Hands down your favorite movie and you would watch it twice a day if we would let you.  You run around the house pointing at the TV and saying "Memo".  You have a Nemo shirt that Grama got you for your birthday and you wear it proudly, making sure everyone knows that it has "Memo" and "Turtles" on it. --Wearing size 6 diapers.  You have been going on the potty, but you are not always telling us when this needs to happen.  Thankfully you have now faithfully begun going #2 on the potty so we have not had to change any of those diapers anymore. --Taking 1 nap per day from 1:30 to 3:30 and sleeping from 8:30/9pm to 7am. --Wearing size 2T & 3T clothing, but normally the latter.  You are quite tall and are predicted to be about 6' 2" or bigger when you are full grown. --Into sports, especially basketball, which makes for one proud daddy! --The sweetest Big Brother!  You love your sister so tenderly and dearly.  You often are bringing her toys and things to play with.  You occasionally get jealous, but you never act out in anger towards her.  When you both get up from naps you request that we put her in your bed next to you.  It warms our heart to see you love her, and you can often make her laugh before anyone else can.  I cannot wait to see you guys really play together. IMG_2950 IMG_2935  




Birthday Party Details:

Fortunately, your 2nd birthday fell on a Saturday.  We held your big birthday bash at Gymboree, and it was a "Ball" theme.  This was fitting given you love balls and that was basically your first word.  I started out by telling myself that we were going to keep it low key, but you know me, with Pinterest in the mix I had to throw some jazzy stuff in there.  You had a blast, as long as Miss Ellen (the teacher) wasn't acknowledging you directly...ha!  You had all your favorite people there to celebrate with you, and overall I would say it was a hit.  You even blew your candles out all by yourself, even before we were done singing Happy Birthday.  You got tons of cool gifts, of which I am still trying to find places to put everything.  You now love to tell people you are two and hold out two fingers (although it really looks like you are holding out 4 fingers). 2013-01-26 17.12.11 2013-01-26 17.12.01 2013-01-26 17.11.54 2013-01-26 17.45.00 2013-01-26 18.48.44
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