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It’s All in a Name

2010 October 19
by Folgate
A friend of ours recently asked us what our little man's name was going to be, because she wanted to know it for a gift she was making for his room.  Now, for the past few months, Erik and I have been debating over a list of 8-10 names and had yet to come to terms with one.  We just kept pushing it off, I think primarily because we liked 4 names a lot, and we thought we wouldn't be in agreeance on just one name.  However, after she posed this question, Erik and I really realized that we are 26 weeks and need to figure this name business out.  One night on a walk around our neighborhood we finally decided on our son's name.  From this point on his name will now be:


Grant was one of the names we have liked all along and we just kept coming back to it, and we finally decided we kept coming back to it because it must be THE ONE.  Emmett is Erik's middle name as well as his Grandfather's middle name, so we wanted to have a personalized aspect to his name and carry on some family tradition.  So now his name is Grant Emmett and it means "A Tall Universal Man".  We are pretty excited about it and have gotten a lot of great feedback about the name.  We cannot wait to meet you Grant Emmett!!

Grant Emmett Folgate

The Big Sister--Harley

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