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Lindzee Is PREGNANT!

2010 July 1
by Folgate
After about 16 months of trying to get pregnant with a big bump in the road and between a few hiccups, Lindzee is FINALLY pregnant with a healthy baby! She is currently 10 weeks and 5 days, and the picture of Baby Folgate from our first ultrasound is in the upper right corner of the blog.

Baby's Stats from 1st US at 8 weeks 5 days

Heartbeat at 8 weeks 5 days: 178 (could it be a girl!?) Measurement: exactly 8 weeks and 5 days Lindzee's Symptoms: She's had the typical pregnant symptoms like extreme fatigue, nausea (but it's at night, not in the morning), belly pressure, and constipation! Prayer Requests: Continue to pray that mom and baby stay healthy, pray that some of Lindzee's symptoms start to subside as she goes into her 2nd trimester, and pray that I will continue to be understanding that she can't do the things she once wanted to do, and if I cook something that doesn't look appealing to her anymore, I just need to suck it up!
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