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Mr. One Year Old

2012 February 17
by Folgate
I cannot believe my sweet baby turned 1 yr old.  It doesn't seem possible that a whole year has gone by since he graced us with his presence, all 10 lbs 13.4 ozs of pure joy and sweet baby boy!  I still remember that day like it was yesterday, and yet somehow, it does feel like it was a long time ago.

Two Week Old Newborn

For his first birthday, we wanted to make him feel extra special.  And what better way then to go where dreams come true...Walt Disney World.  On Grant's FIRST birthday (1/26), we took him to Disney for the FIRST time, where he received his FIRST haircut.  We had such a blast and Grant was fantastic.  We all really enjoyed ourselves!

First Haircut

Meeting Mickey & Minnie

Magic Kingdom

That following Saturday (1/28) we had a BIG carnival shin-dig to celebrate his life.  I planned for his birthday for quite a few months and was so worried of what the weather would be like.  Since Grant is a January birthday, it could have either been freezing/raining or sunny/beautiful.  Thankfully it was the latter.  Surrounded by family and friends, we had a great time bouncing in the bounce house, eating cupcakes (and other carnival themed food), and singing Happy Birthday.

Carnival Birthday

Look Who's ONE

Happy Birthday

"Can I have this"?

Bouncing Fun

Family of 3...about to be 4!

Opening Gifts...tons of them!

Grant, at 12 months old you love to: --Say Dada, Mama, Dog, and Bubba --Walk around the house w/ your cute waddle --Play in the dirt and throw the ball to Harley --Chase Harley while you giggle and she hides --Fake Laugh & Cough --Snuggle w/ your "snuggie" --Read books & play w/ puzzles, legos, & trucks --Be mischevious and love to play in Harley's water dish (and occasionally eat her food) --Play in the bath or shower --Still eat baby food & have become a picky table food eater --Drink 3-4 (6-8oz) bottles per day --Eat sweets, ice cream, & cookies (You are certainly a Folgate) --Go to restaurants and watch people (You are such a good boy) Grant, we are blessed to call you our son and feel so lucky that the Lord chose us to be your parents.  Our constant prayer is that we will raise you to be a respectable man of God who loves the Lord and others.  Thanks for being so easy going, a good sleeper, and a super snuggler.  You are so funny and always changing, and we are so thankful we get to experience these new adventures together.  We love you so much!  Happy Birthday BIG GUY:)

Hi, I'm CUTE!

12 Month Stats:

Weight: 26 lbs (90th %)

Height: 31.5 in (90th %)

HC: 19.25 in (95th %)

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  1. Casey Slide permalink
    February 17, 2012

    Happy Bday, Grant! Tobey is super jealous that you got to meet Mickey! Looks like you had a fun birthday, big guy!

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