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My 28th Birthday

2010 November 5
by Folgate
November 3, 2010 marked my 28th year of life.  Pretty crazy huh?  After 26, these last 2 birthdays just seem like any other day.  Atleast when you turned 18 you were considered an adult.  And 21 brought more "adult" activities.  Then 25 was the mid-twenties which was great, and 26 seemed again like an extension in the mid-twenties.  But after 26 (meaning year 27 and 28) it just seems like the downslope to 30.  Not that I mind this year though, because I am getting a far greater gift, our son Grant Emmett Folgate.  We are overjoyed to be called his mom and dad, so I will consider this 28th birthday a win! Erik took me to the Melting Pot with Tasha, Jon, Ash, and Matt, and it was delicious.  PS, if you have never been you are missing out.  And don't give me the excuse "I don't want to go somewhere and cook my own food".   He also bought me a 3 month massage membership for 3 pre-natal massages, which is a glorious gift, and has definitely already been used.  Thanks to my amazing husband, family, and friends for making my birthday special.

The Melting Pot Yummies

The Party Gang

The Birthday Girl and The Hubs

The Besties

The Dudes

The Fords

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  1. Erik permalink*
    November 24, 2010

    My shirt tucked in didn’t look dumb until I saw those pictures!

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