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Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

2010 September 2
by Folgate
It is official!  We went for our targeted US on 9/2 and found out we are expecting a son.  We were indifferent either way on the sex of the baby, but we are thrilled, and I know Erik is secretly pleased to be having a son first that can be the older brother and role model to his younger siblings.  Honestly, we always thought Erik would be a Dad to all girls, but we have officially been proven wrong.  At 12 weeks 3 days during our Nuchal Translucency US they suspected we were having a boy, but she told us not to hold her to it.  Then again at 14 weeks, during our unexpected US (see previous posts), they thought it might be a boy.  But we were not about to spread the news only to find out we were having a girl.  But all along they were right on the money and we are bringing another little Gator baby boy into this world.  We couldn't feel more blessed and we are amazed each day that God has bestowed upon us the blessing of being parents and raising this little boy.  We ask for continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and mommy.  It has gone by so quickly already, I am sure with all the holidays fast approaching, that January will be here before we know it and with that brings our precious son.  We love him so much already and are excited to see how God will change us through this process.  The US itself was amazing.  To see this little one moving around in there with a strong heart beat was great.  At this US, they checked all his major organs including his brain, spinal cord, 4 chambers of the heart, kidneys, abdomen, feet/arms and their length, lips, and everything and anything we could see, and it was all perfect, not a hair out of place.

Baby’s Stats from 5th US at 19 weeks 5 days

Heartbeat at 19 weeks 5 days: 148

Measurement: 20 weeks and 3 days (he is already an overachiever)

Organ Development: All organs look fantastic and as should be.

Our Little Boy!

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  1. Aimee permalink
    September 11, 2010

    i love him!

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