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2 Week Old Little Lady

2012 July 28
by Folgate

2 Week STATs:

Weight: 7 lbs 15.5 ozs

Height: 20.5 inches

HC: 15 inches

This past Friday (7/27) we had Ashlyn's 2 week appt.  This was a big day for us seeing as how during her initial pediatrician visit at 1 week old she had lost weight.  At birth she was 8 lbs 4.7 ozs.  After leaving the hospital and adjusting to feeding her with the Haberman bottle because of the cleft, she was 7 lbs 9.1 ozs.  On Tuesday (7/17), she was found to be 7 lbs 5.5 ozs.  This obviously concerned me, so I rented a baby scale so I could weigh her daily to make sure she was growing.  Thankfully she has been on track since that time and at our last visit on Fri (7/27) she had gained 10 ozs in 10 days.  This was great news and she is right on track as most babies should gain between 1/2 to 1 oz per day at this age.  We have been given the thumbs up to continue with her current feeding schedule and we don't have to come in and weigh her weekly as was previously discussed. Ashlyn has been doing fantastic and she has made the transition smooth thus far.  She continues to sleep in 3-4 hr intervals.  She has become more alert recently and has been wanting to explore her surroundings with wider, brighter eyes.  She has been giving some smiles, mainly in her sleep, which is likely due to gas, but is super cute nonetheless.  She loves to snuggle with her tiny little booty in the air.  She definitely prefers to be swaddled, but can sleep without it as well as she does not startle too easily (much unlike Grant).

Pretty in Pink!

Sleeping Beauty

Big Brother Love


Hanging Out!

18 Months: Becoming a little man

2012 July 27
by Folgate

18 Month STATS:

Weight: 28 lbs 6 ozs (85th%)

Height: 34.5 inches (95th%)

HC: 19.5 inches (90th%)

So here I am again, writing about my little man, who is growing like a weed in front of my eyes.  I wish time would slow down and quit moving at the speed of light.  He is definitely becoming a little man and is starting to really express himself and the things that he wants (and doesn't want for that matter).  I look at him now and can almost see the young adult, teenager, and young man that he is certain to become.  His facial expressions are priceless and he has such a loving heart, albeit mischevious at times.  He has really taken on the roll as big brother and loves his little sister to pieces.  He is very gentle most of time, although occasionally he can be a little rough with the pointing and patting.  I say this all the time (and almost in every post), but I am thankful and blessed to be his mommy.  It's amazing that this little bundle of joy made me a mommy just a short 18 months ago on 1/26/ how time flies. At 18 months, Grant loves to: --Climb onto everything.  He gave me a heart attack the other day when I heard the water running in the bathroom, only to come in and see that he had climbed from the toilet into the sink and was playing with the hand soap & water. --Play outdoors --Swim & play with his water table --Color and Paint on his easel --Help get things for his sister (diapers, bubba, clothes, etc) --Fold laundry, or rather shake it out and leave it on the floor --Clean things around the house with Grama.  He especially loves using the vacuum and swiffer.  He sure is going to be a helpful husband. --Sleep: He still takes 2 naps per day and sleeps from 8:30pm-7/7:30am each night.  He will soon be transitioned to one nap per day as he begin "school" next month. --Eat: But only Grant approved foods which have not changed since his 15 month post. --His nighttime "bubba".  He easily gave up the morning bottle (which I thought was going to be the most difficult), but still loves his nightcap of Vitamin D milk in the evening. --Hold his snuggie (blanket with a doggy/puppy head).  He has never been attached to anything (pacifier, animals, swaddling, etc), but he now cannot take a nap or go to bed without his snuggie.  We have been searching for a duplicate and have recently discovered it is no longer made, and parents online are price gouging others, selling it for $50-60.  I am sure we will give in...haha! --Read books on his bookshelf (and his sister's).  You obviously are just forming new words, so when you read you have the cutest babble as if you are actually reading the words on the page. --Brush his teeth, although both mommy & daddy have to start this process for you or there would be no toothpaste left. --Snuggle before bedtime and naps, and mommy will hold onto this one for as long as she can.  She can never get enough of your sweet snuggles. --Greet people at the door & blow kisses and wave bye-bye when they leave. --Have his Grama and Mema all to himself, and gets quite upset when he sees them holding other babies (and his sister). --Talk: New words since 15 months include Basketball, This, All Done, Bird, & Beach (although the last two can be confirmed by grandparents only).  BALL is still your favorite word, and I will forever have the memory of you saying "ball", pointing under the couch, and using the yardstick to retrieve it for Harley in my head.

18 Month Appt

Ready, Set, Swim


Splash Pad Fun!

Cool Dude!

Old Blue Eyes


Just Being Cute

I honestly can say that being your parents is the BEST thing that has ever happened to us.  We find so much joy in you and your sister.  We cannot imagine life before you two arrived, and even if we look back to the old days and need a break, it does not compare to being in the moment with you and watching you grow.  Thanks for the constant laughter, joy, and new challenges you bring to our lives every day.  I honestly cannot believe we have an 18 month old little boy!  We love you to the moon and back!  

Happy Birthday Sweet Ashlyn Elizabeth

2012 July 24
by Folgate
I cannot believe that we are currently parents of two children under 17 months of age.  These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind, and at the same time seem like they have been crawling.  Ashlyn's original due date was 7/19, however, given that she was a stubborn little girl and would not change from her breech positioning she was welcomed into the world via a scheduled C-Section on 7/10. We first discovered our little girl was breech at our 33 week 4D US.  We thought that she would eventually change positions so at the time we were not too concerned.  As most may remember, BIG brother Grant weighed in at 10lbs 13.4ozs, so Miss Ashlyn and I had been getting scheduled ultrasounds every 2-4 weeks to check her size.  She too was on track to be quite the large baby as she was consistently increasing her weight 1 to 1.5 lbs every US.  Given this information and the fact that she continued to be breech during my 37 week US, the executive decision was made to have a C-Section on 7/10.  I was told that if she turned head down, but continued to be large, that a C-Section would be done as well to prevent the same issue that Grant had with shoulder dystocia which becomes a life threatening emergency to the baby.  However, if she was head down and of normal size, they would induce that day regardless.  At my 38 week appt, she continued to be breech, despite some at home attempts by me to get her to change, and the plan was in full effect. We arrived at Winnie Palmer Hospital on 7/10 at 7am for pre-op where I was set-up with monitors, an IV, and an epiural.  By 8:55am we were rolling into the OR, which when you work in the OR and suddenly find yourself on the other side of curtain, is quite the scary experience.  They took me back first and got me set up and then Erik entered.  The procedure itself did not take long and by 9:24am our sweet girl entered the world at 8lbs 4.7ozs and 19 inches long, by 9:46am I was done being tended to, and by 10am we were all in recovery together.  Because she was 9-10 days earlier than her expected due date, she was considered "LGA" (Large for Gestational Age).  Meaning she likely would have been well over 9lbs or more had she stayed in until her due date.  We were blessed to have many great people in the OR, many of whom we knew personally because they helped care for my nephew Matthew while he was in the NICU.  This is not typical protocol, but because we know them personally, Matthew's primary nurse, respiratory therapist, and NICU physician were the first to evaluate Ashlyn.  Thankfully this was the case because Dr. Lipman found that Ashlyn had a cleft palate of the soft palate (not to be confused with cleft lip, which she DOES NOT have).  We were told this was minimal and likely would not effect her in any way regarding her milestones.  I say "thankfully" they evaluated her, because most of the time this goes unnoticed and if you have a vaginal delivery and are out of the hopsital after 36-48 hrs, these babies return to the ER with issues of poor feeding and weight loss, at which time it is then discovered. At first in recovery, we attempted breastfeeding and she seemed to have a difficult time latching.  I thought nothing of it originally because Grant did the same thing, and after he took a nap, he latched like a pro and never stopped for 10 months.  However, later in the evening, after being evaluated with the lactation consultant for 1 hr, she was still having a difficult time.  We were given a special bottle to try, but were not instructed really on how to use this.  I of course, then had an emotional mommy breakdown because of her not eating and the raging hormones.  The following day our Pediatrician came to see her and confirmed the cleft and told us that it will need surgical repair in the future.  One of the blessings of having worked at Arnold Palmer, is I know all the subspecialists personally which included Craniofacial (the surgeons that repair cleft palates).  We had speech therapy come by and they successfully showed us how to use the Haberman bottle to feed her and she took to it quickly.  They have not counted breastfeeding out completely at this point, but until then I have been continuing to pump to give her breastmilk.  We were seen by the craniofacial team and they mentioned that she will need surgical repair likely around 12 months of age, but up until then, besides the special bottle, does not need to be treated any differently than the way we raised Grant. She is the most beautiful and sweet little girl.  She resembles her big brother a lot and their profiles and "pouty" faces are exactly the same.  Thankfully they both got the same cute button nose, of which Erik and I do not have.  She has made the transition of being parents to two under 17 months fairly easy up until this point, because she really just wants to eat, be changed, and sleep.  She will sleep for 3-4 hour intervals between feedings, which is a drastic difference between her and Grant as newborns.  We often call her "squeakers" because of the cute sounds she makes and compared to Grant at this age, she is a little peanut.  Erik is certainly happy to have a Daddy's girl, as Grant is quite the Mommy's boy.  I am certain she already has him wrapped around her little finger and that this will continue on until adulthood.  Grant has been transitioning well.  He was uncertain of her in the beginning and was jealous of his parents and especially his grandmothers holding her, but has now taken to wanting to be around her at all times, staring at her in her bassinet, trying to swing her in the swing, and giving her plenty of hugs and kisses.  We honestly could not feel more blessed that the Lord has entrusted these two little ones onto us, and we take great pride in wanting to raise them well to be respectable adults who never know a day without the Lord or Love in their lives.  We know things are going to be hectic and crazy at times, but what an adventure this is going to be.  As for a third child, that will have to be decided in the distant future, cause as of now, we are content with these two precious souls.  Welcome to the world Ashlyn Elizabeth, we love you so much!

Ashlyn Elizabeth Folgate
8 lbs 4.7 ozs

Proud Daddy!

Footprint Time

Happy Parents 🙂

Family Meet & Greet!

Big Brother!


Peacefully Sleeping

Three Generations!

The Protective Brother

A little hesitant (aka Jealous) at first

Baby Feet:)

Hello World

Melts My Heart

Grama & Ashlyn

Auntie Tasha Visits

Mema & Ashlyn


7 Years of Wedded Bliss

2012 July 23
by Folgate
I cannot believe that Erik and I have been married for 7 yrs (7/23).  It seems like seconds ago that we had our first date night at "Do Art" (Pottery) and our first kiss (12/15/01).  Then on 5/22/04, Erik asked me to be his wife, and on 7/23/05 we made that official.  We were just 2 young kids (22 & 23 years old) on that rainy July day, and now, here we are 7 yrs later with 2 young kids.  My how life changes, and for the better. I could not ask for a better man to be my husband and partner in crime.  I would be lost without him and definitely more uptight and less laid back.  He is an amazing man of God, who provides and leads his family.  And when it comes to our children, he shows them exactly what being a father means and loves them so well. Thanks for 7 yrs of wedded bliss, that was not always easy, but has always been well worth it.  I cannot wait for many more anniversaries together.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

Engagement Photos


Grant's Birth

Ashlyn's Birth


15 Months

2012 June 8
by Folgate

15 Month STATS:

Weight: 27 lbs 12 ozs (88th %)

Height: 33 inches (93rd %)

HC: 19.5 inches (95th %)

15 Month Appt

Grant is 15 months!  Erik and I are always commenting how fun it is to watch him learn and grow.  It really is truly amazing!  I cannot believe that he will soon be a BIG brother, and I am anxious to see how he responds to having a little sister.  We feel very blessed to be having another baby, and now we will have one of each...YIPPY! At 15 months, Grant loves to: --Say dada, mama, ball, doggy, bubba, bubbles, and puzzle --Play with puzzles (and he is pretty good about getting most of them right) --Blow bubbles (or have mama and dada do that for him) --Swim in his kiddie pool --Go to Gymboree and play & climb --Make a mess and play in the dirt (he really is a BOY). --Shoot "hoops" on his basketball hoop.  He's our ticket to the NBA:) --Go "Bye Bye", and if you say those words, you better be taking him somewhere:) --Watch Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Chugginton (but he only gets to watch about 30-60 mins at MOST per day). --Sleep: He still takes 2 naps (1-2hrs/each) during the day and sleeps from 8:30pm-7am each night --Eat: While he does love to eat, he is quite picky.  He still only eats pureed fruits/veggies, but he loves pizza, chicken nuggets, PB & J, Bagels, Nutrigrain bars, Granola bars, yogurt, pancakes, and any SWEET (cookies/ice cream).

Fireman Grant

Baby Superstar!

Grant, we are blessed to be your mommy & daddy!  Thanks for being such a good boy!

Mother's Day


Mr. One Year Old

2012 February 17
by Folgate
I cannot believe my sweet baby turned 1 yr old.  It doesn't seem possible that a whole year has gone by since he graced us with his presence, all 10 lbs 13.4 ozs of pure joy and sweet baby boy!  I still remember that day like it was yesterday, and yet somehow, it does feel like it was a long time ago.

Two Week Old Newborn

For his first birthday, we wanted to make him feel extra special.  And what better way then to go where dreams come true...Walt Disney World.  On Grant's FIRST birthday (1/26), we took him to Disney for the FIRST time, where he received his FIRST haircut.  We had such a blast and Grant was fantastic.  We all really enjoyed ourselves!

First Haircut

Meeting Mickey & Minnie

Magic Kingdom

That following Saturday (1/28) we had a BIG carnival shin-dig to celebrate his life.  I planned for his birthday for quite a few months and was so worried of what the weather would be like.  Since Grant is a January birthday, it could have either been freezing/raining or sunny/beautiful.  Thankfully it was the latter.  Surrounded by family and friends, we had a great time bouncing in the bounce house, eating cupcakes (and other carnival themed food), and singing Happy Birthday.

Carnival Birthday

Look Who's ONE

Happy Birthday

"Can I have this"?

Bouncing Fun

Family of 3...about to be 4!

Opening Gifts...tons of them!

Grant, at 12 months old you love to: --Say Dada, Mama, Dog, and Bubba --Walk around the house w/ your cute waddle --Play in the dirt and throw the ball to Harley --Chase Harley while you giggle and she hides --Fake Laugh & Cough --Snuggle w/ your "snuggie" --Read books & play w/ puzzles, legos, & trucks --Be mischevious and love to play in Harley's water dish (and occasionally eat her food) --Play in the bath or shower --Still eat baby food & have become a picky table food eater --Drink 3-4 (6-8oz) bottles per day --Eat sweets, ice cream, & cookies (You are certainly a Folgate) --Go to restaurants and watch people (You are such a good boy) Grant, we are blessed to call you our son and feel so lucky that the Lord chose us to be your parents.  Our constant prayer is that we will raise you to be a respectable man of God who loves the Lord and others.  Thanks for being so easy going, a good sleeper, and a super snuggler.  You are so funny and always changing, and we are so thankful we get to experience these new adventures together.  We love you so much!  Happy Birthday BIG GUY:)

Hi, I'm CUTE!

12 Month Stats:

Weight: 26 lbs (90th %)

Height: 31.5 in (90th %)

HC: 19.25 in (95th %)


The Multiple Reasons I love Tuesdays & Thursdays

2011 August 15
by Folgate

1.  I don't have to work and can be home with Grant all day.

2.  I get to do fun things like go to the produce stand and make homemade baby food.

3.  I get to share homemade mint-chocolate chip ice cream with a cute boy.

4.  I get to have a lunch date and make a mess (or better yet, Grant gets to make the mess and I pick it up).

5.  I get to pick up a smiley boy right after a nap.

6.  I get to watch a sweet boy get clean in the tub and splash around.

And the #1 reason I love every day equally as much...

I get to wake up and spend time with the best husband and son in the world!

Recap: The First Two Months

2011 March 30
by Folgate
I cannot believe that 2 months have already come and gone in our little boys life.  So much has happened and I feel that in such a short time, Erik and I have learned so much about our son, our parenting style, and the craziness of parenthood.  Grant has truly blessed our lives in so many ways, but if we didn't admit that we had our days of frustration we would be lying.  It's funny how during my pregnancy Erik and I would always comment that we thought parenthood would be tough, but we assumed that since we were well-established, married, 28 and 29 year-olds that this parenting gig would not be as hard for "people like us."  Boy were we wrong!  I have said a million times since Grant was born that being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had, however, it is the hardest job I have ever LOVED.  He has grown so much in so many ways and it is hard to believe that he is getting older every day.  I already feel myself longing to slow time down.  A few weeks ago, Erik and I took Grant out to get ice cream at night thinking the car ride would put him to sleep, he of course was not falling for our tricks.  As we were driving back from getting ice cream, with Grant screaming the whole time, I kept thinking, we are going to look back on nights like these and wish we had them back and saying "remember that time...".  I have a feeling the time is going to continue flying by and before I know it, he will be in kindergarten, then graduating from high school & college, and then getting married and having kids of his own.  I have already cried thinking about all of this and because of that I try to cherish every day with my little boy whether it be the most joyous day ever or the most frustrating day ever. Grant, Daddy and Mommy love you more than words could express.  You have enriched our lives for the better and we know you will be one of our greatest accomplishments.  Thanks for being the sweetest, most precious little boy!

Sleeping on my Boppy!

On 3/22, Grant had his 2 month well-child visit.  He continues to impress us with his size (weight and height), and over the last 6 weeks (since his 2 week appt), he gained 2 lbs 12 ozs and 1.5 inches in length.

2 Month Well-Child Stats:

Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces

Height: 24 inches

Head Circumference: 16 inches

Immunizations: 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine

Waiting for Dr. Chong

Bandaids after his shots

At 2 months Grant is:

--Cooing and making noises with his sweet little voice

--Smiling all the time, especially after he wakes up in the morning

--Gripping onto everything with his little hands

--Sleeping anywhere from 5-7 hours straight at night, which is AMAZING!

--Takes about 3-4 naps per day, but we are still working on the exact schedule

--Eats every 3 hours approximately 4 ounces (he is breastfed, except his bottle of breastmilk at 10pm before bed)

All Smiles

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

His favorite things to do are:

--Laying on his changing table and watching the shadows on the wall

--Taking Baths

--Playing on his activity gym for about 15 minutes at any one interval

--Watching Gator Basketball with Daddy

--Running errands with mommy in the Moby wrap

--Taking morning walks with his doggy sister Harley

--Dressing Stylishly

Changing Table Fun

Bath Time

Activity Gym Time

Gator B-Ball w/ Daddy


Cutest Kid EVER

As you can see, he has already gotten so much bigger and more aware over the last 2 months.  We cannot wait for all that is yet to come.  This month (April), I unfortunately have to go back to work, but our man will be in the caring, loving arms of his wonderful Grama Lynn, who recently moved here from South Carolina to be his nanny.  YAY!  I cannot wait to share more of his growing in future posts, but until then, I am going to catch up on some housework while the big boy sleeps.

Happy Boy


A Few Firsts

2011 March 18
by Folgate
Since Grant has been home, our lives have definitely changed, and it has been for the better.  We have had some tough nights of no sleep and constant crying (by all of us...not just Grant), but overall, its hard to remember life before he came around.  We are so in love with him and its hard not to realize how precious and sweet he is when you look at his little face.  We are truly blessed to be this little guys parents and it is our prayer that the Lord will teach us how to raise him by delighting in him and trusting in the Lord. This post is going to encompass some of his firsts, which are to be expected.  And it has been so fun getting to experience them with him. First Bath (1/30/11): Grant's first bath took place in his bathtub in his bedroom so we would have more space to spread out.  He didn't like being placed in the bath "sling" because it made the bath slightly colder, but he could not be submerged yet because of his umbilical cord and circumcision which hadn't fully healed.  However, he did LOVE getting his hair washed and then being snuggly in his towel afterwards.

He was a little chilly

Hair Washing

Warm, Cozy, & Happy

So Fresh & So Clean

First Tummy Time (1/30/11): After Grant's first bath, we placed him down for some tummy time.  He is such a strong little boy and he already has great head/neck control.  He can literally lift his head straight up and turn it from side-to-side.  We were amazed! First Doctor's Appointment (2/1/11): During his first doctor's appointment, we were mainly being seen to check his circumcision site and his weight gain. The day we left the hospital, Grant had lost 14 ozs during his stay, which they said not to worry about because he was such a BIG baby and my milk had not fully come in yet.  During his visit, everything checked out fine and he gained 2 ozs.  They had forewarned us, that most babies gain all of their weight back by their 2 week appointment, but that it may take Grant longer because he was a bigger baby.  But to our amazement, at his second appointment at 2 weeks old, he had gained his birth weight back plus 1/2 an ounce, putting him at 10 lbs 14 ozs.  He is such an overachiever already!

1st & 2nd Appointment Stats:

2/1/11: 10 lbs 1 oz & 22.5 inches

2/10/11: 10 lbs 14 ozs & 22.5 inches

Going to see Dr. Chong for the first time

Lookin' Gangsta on his way to his 2nd appt

Dr. Chong's Office--2nd Appt

First Outing (2/5/11): For Grant's first outing, we went to see his cousins (Ben and Anthony) play basketball.  Unfortunately, they lost the game, but we found out that Grant does not mind loud noises, as he slept right through the whole game.

Anthony shooting free throws

Ben & Anthony on Defense

Hanging out with Grandpa & Jonissa

Eating...his favorite activity!

First SuperBowl Sunday (2/6/11): For Superbowl Sunday, we had all the family over at our house to watch the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We are a Steelers family by Marriage, since Matt (our Brother-in-Law) is from there.  Unfortunately, the Steelers lost, but Grant still had a fun time.

Daddy & Grant

First Family/Friend Visitors at Home: Sunday (1/30): Grant was visited by his Mema and his cousins (Ben & Anthony). Monday (1/31): Grant was visited by ADB who graciously brought us dinner Saturday (2/5): Grant was visited by his Aunt Laura and cousins (Corbin & Mia)

Mema & Grant

Left to Right: Grant, Ben, & Anthony

ADB & Grant

Left to Right: Corbin, Aunt Laura, Grant, & Mia

First Photo Shoot (2/7/11): Our friend and fantastic photographer Jenny Schartner of Captured Photography came to Orlando to shoot Grant's newborn photos.  She did an amazing job and we look forward to her doing his 6 and 12 month photos as well.  He was such a good boy, especially because during the outdoor shots it became quite windy and slightly chilly, and our little man was out there in his birthday suit.  He topped the photo shoot off by peeing in his crib, on himself, and on my hand, but thankfully he did not poop.  We cannot believe how much he has already changed from this first photo shoot.  Thanks so much for the life-long treasure Jenny!

A little lovin' from mom and dad

A Naked Gator Fan

Cutest Kid EVER

So Peaceful!

Family Photo

Playing with his toys

Cute Tootsies

First Family Walk (2/8/11): Since we have been home, we have been making a point to make sure Harley knows she is equally as loved as she was before Grant arrived.  We were told by our vet to make sure we do not change too much of her normal routine.  So we got the stroller out, got the baby all snuggly, and took Harley to Formosa Park to play with her tennis ball.

Harley is not too fond of the stroller

Erik with his daughter and son

First Fully Submerged Bath (2/11/11): Due to Grant's umbilical cord continuing to heal, he was not able to be placed in the bath with water around him, so once that puppy fell off on 2/11 we took the opportunity to introduce Grant to the wonders of a warm bath.  If he is anything like his mama, he will love showers and will want them to be SUPER HOT!  Erik always yells at me for taking such hot showers, but it feels so dang good.  Especially now when it is a chore just to get in the shower:)

Our Little Doll

Check out that belly!

First UF Gators Basketball Game (2/12/11): For Christmas, I bought Erik tickets for the UF vs UT basketball game.  At the time, the OB/GYN thought that I would definitely not make it to full-term since I was already effaced and dilating, so I confidently bought the tickets thinking Grant will atleast be 4 weeks old.  We all know that my thinking could not have been more wrong, as Grant waited to be evicted from my womb, making him only 2.5 weeks old during the time of this game.  Erik and I decided we were going to make it a fun trip no matter what and would take whatever Grant threw at us.  He was amazing!  We stopped at Uncle Steve and Aunt Caroline's house first and made sure the little man was well fed.  After that visit, we ventured to the game, and the big boy slept the whole way through.  We couldn't believe it, because it was quite loud in there, and at times I had to put "ear muffs" over his ears.  The Gators won in buzzer beater fashion with Erving Walker scoring the winning lay-up making the score UF 61 UT 60.  GO GATORS!

Uncle Steve & Aunt Caroline

Mommy & Grant

The O'Connell Center

UF 61 vs UT 60

A Family of Gators

First Holidays (2/14/11 & 3/17/11): Grama Lynn wanted to be the one to get Grant all of his "first" holiday bibs/outifts.  Since Grant was born in January he will get to experience all the holidays in chronological order (except New years) which is pretty awesome.  So far we have had the joy of celebrating Valentine's Day, which included us going out to dinner with the Gables at Jade bistro.  The funniest thing about that night was the Asian lady who attempted to take our picture, completely cutting Matt out of it, and the Indian couple who came in while she was doing it and demanded that we allow them to take a repeat picture.  It was pretty hilarious.  We have also celebrated St. Patrick's Day, which included us staying in and eating Irish of us right?

Our Little Cupid

Without Matt...Take One!

With Matt...Take Two!

"Irish you would kiss me"

Happy St. Patty's Day

First Trip to Disney...Kinda (2/24/11-2/26/11) Before I went on maternity leave, I had CME (continuing medical education) money I had to use before the deadline, so I had signed up for the Southern Neurosurgical Society Conference at the Grand Floridian Resort in Disney World. So being the adventurous parents we are, we decided to take the opportunity and bring a newborn to stay in the nicest resort at Disney.  Grant did pretty well considering he was only 4 weeks old and completely out of his element.  And Erik and I had a good time ordering room service and playing by the pool.  We definitely loved the hotel and will definitely return someday.  By the way, the monorail picks you up directly outside of the hotel...HOLLA!

Representing the Gators at the Grand Floridian

In front of the hotel near the carriage

Can we say...ROOM SERVICE!

I am sure there will be many more firsts that will be posted on here...but this is just the beginning!  ENJOY!          

Grant’s Birthday

2011 February 17
by Folgate
As many of you know (from the previous post), we were induced on Tuesday 1/25 because Grant wanted to continue to live in his watery home, and that day was eviction day.  We arrived at Winnie Palmer at 4am and were quickly admitted and taken to the Labor and Delivery floor.  The typical questions were asked and it wasn't long until the pitocin was started (at around 545am to be exact).  Erik and I thought for sure we would be the "lucky" ones and would deliver our sweet son that afternoon, since we were already about 1.5-2cm dilated and 70% effaced.  Boy were we wrong.

40 Weeks...The Last Supper

Morning of Induction

Around 12pm I decided that I would like a walking epidural as the contractions were becoming very painful, which is to be expected, especially when being induced with pitocin.  However, I apparently waited too long and by the time I was ready for the epidural, the pain was so bad and the contractions were so close together with very strong peaks, that they were unsure a walking epidural was going to work.  I was adament however, because I wanted to be able to be up walking to the restroom and around the unit, which you cannot do with a regular epidural.  After the epidural was placed, the pain was controlled, but due to Grant not tolerating the crazy strong contractions, they reduced our pitocin all the way back to zero, therefore, meaning we had to essentially start over.  The rest of the afternoon was filled with walking around the L & D floor, bouncing on the birthing ball, and going to the restroom.

Smiling and Happy despite contractions

My Mother and the Pregnant Lady

Finally at 8pm our night shift nurse Carmen came to the rescue and recommended we transition the walking epidural to a regular epidural because she was really going to start ramping up the pitocin.  At the time that Carmen began her shift I was only 3 cm dilated.  She had me changing into all sorts of positions to help stimulate dilation and by 1:30am I was finally 10 cm.  They had me "labor down" for about an hour, which basically meant me laying there and processing the contractions.  At 2:30am I started to feel pressure and we knew it was time to push.  Erik and I thought this was going to be the quick part and our baby boy would be here before we knew it...WRONG.  I labored (actively pushing) with Grant crowning for 2.5 hrs.  Finally Dr. Snow came in and gave us the look (without saying words) of "this is going to be a big baby and maybe we should have done a C-Section".  However, once he saw how far I had pushed Grant into the canal, there was no turning back.

Daddy during labor...he was great!

About to start pushing...for 2.5-3 hrs

He quickly changed our whole birthing plan in a matter of minutes, as he knew I was quite fatigued and Grant was too.  He recommended and episiotomy and suction to help with the delivery.  The epidural seemed to be pretty light at this point, so I had the joy of being numbed locally with an injection for the episiotomy.  Once that was done, we pushed on a few more contractions, and with the assistance of the suction (which popped off twice because Grant was so big), I was able to deliver his head. All of a sudden, the word "shoulders" were uttered, and before we knew what was going on, the trauma team was called into our room and there were probably around 15 people in there ready to help me and Grant.  When a baby has "shoulder dystocia" (meaning the shoulders get stuck), time is of the essence, because the umbilical cord can become compromised and cut off blood and oxygen supply to the baby.  With that being said, things took a scary turn for all of us.  My bed was flattened out, my legs were completely straightened, my physician had both hands around Grants shoulders, and 4 nurses pushed Erik aside and literally jumped on top of me and pushed as hard as possible on my stomach.  This was done twice and thankfully in a matter of 48 seconds Grant was out.  Mind you, I was screaming this whole time due to pain and fear, and people were encouragingly yelling, "you need to push like your life depends on it." At first, Grant was not crying which again brought on more fear for me.  But Erik said he looked fine and actually seemed "stunned" but smirked at Erik and our two mothers.  He was quickly taken over to the team ready to suction him and give him oxygen and in a matter of minutes he was crying out loud.  His Apgars were 5 at 1 minute and 9 at 5 minutes.  Erik was then allowed to go over to him and take photos.  They asked Erik how big he thought Grant was and Erik said "about 9 lbs 5 ozs?"  Obviously, that was way off, and when they placed Grant on the scale, Erik looked at the numbers like they were being read in a different metric system.  The scale said 10 lbs 13.4 ozs and he was 22.5 inches long.  Needless to say, we were all shocked, and I mean ALL of us.  We had never imagined he was that big, especially since 2.5 weeks prior we had an US saying he was about 7 lbs 11 ozs.

10 lbs 13.4 ozs in all his glory

Grant skipped newborn diapers and went right to size 1

Grant was taken to the transition nursery due the shoulder dystocia and I was left in the L & D suite to be attended to, since there are some "issues" after birthing an 11 lb baby vaginally.  I actually was one of very few women who was able to go to the post-partum unit with a walking epidural because they felt bad for the what my lady parts sustained...haha!  We were like rockstars for the remainder of our stay in the hospital, as everyone could not believe we had such a BIG baby and that he was not delivered by C-Section.  We kept getting asked if we knew he was going to be that big or if I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy...NOPE!

Aunt Ashley and Grant

Mema and Grant

Grandpa Kasper and Grant

Grama Lynn and Grant

Daddy and his boy

Mommy and Son

The little buster pulling out his binky

Check out those cheeks

We were discharged home on Friday (1/28) and it felt so good and natural to be bringing our little one home with us.  We were now complete and loved the fact that he was all ours.  He has been doing well at home, and overall is such a good baby.  He just likes to be up from 8pm to 12am every night, which is a habit we need to quickly break.  During the day he is such a good boy, and we have been able to take him to many places with us if we plan it right and after he has eaten.  Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers and comments...we truly feel blessed in so many ways, and being a mother and father is more than we could have every imagined.  People were definitely right though...SLEEP while you still can, because that has been thrown out the window.

Leaving the Hospital...still looking 6 months pregnant!

First Car Ride

It's a Boy...He's Home!

Meeting his sister Harley