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Induction Day Has Arrived!

2011 January 25
by Folgate
Well, Baby Grant really likes it inside Mom's water home, so we're being induced this morning.  Lindzee and I checked into hotel Winnie Palmer at 4am this morning, Tuesday the 25th, 2011.  This "should" be Grant's official birthday if everything goes according to plan! Last night, Lindzee and I went to Bonefish Grill for one last meal out together before we became parents. But, we're going to try really hard to continue to have date nights even after the little guy is born! Lindzee didn't sleep much, and I slept but it was very light sleep.  Harley knew something was up, because we NEVER wake up at 3am voluntarily and stay up. The pitocin was administered around 5:45am, so now it's just a waiting game!  Lindzee was given a vaginal exam around 5:30am, and it was good news. She was about 2cm dilated, and the baby's head was in a firm anterior position in the canal.  The nurse said that is a good sign, so we'll see! Here are some photos of Mom in the hospital bed and one last picture of Grant inside Mom:

Lindz in the L/D bed

the baby belly all wrapped up in fetal monitors!

39 Weeks

2011 January 21
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 135-137 bpm (Monday) & 134-135 (Thursday)

Fundus: 41cm (Monday) &  40.5-41cm (Thursday)

How Far Along: 39 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Apparently, according to the books, there is not much change in the weight and height department this week, however, I feel like he is still growing and my skin is definitely still stretching.  They mention that this week, his growth may slow down or  even take a hiatus until after delivery.  On average, he should weight about 7-8 lbs and measures between 19-21 inches. Development:  During the 39th week, even though Grant's growth has possibly plateaued, he is still making great strides in brain development at a rapid rate that will continue until about age 3.  His pink skin has now turned white or "whitish", and despite the race of the baby, will be that way since pigmentation does not develop until soon after birth. How huge is mama: At my Monday (1/17) appointment I gained 1 lb so currently placing me at 31 lbs total, however, I then lost 1 lb at my Thursday appointment (1/20), so I am still right at 30 lbs total...which, as previously noted, was my goal weight during this pregnancy. Movement: Still lots of rolling around in there and he seems to have the hiccups an awful lots these days. Food: Pretty much the same.  I have realized that if I do not snack more at this point that I have periods where I feel hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and experience nausea and dizziness...which as a 39 week pregnant momma does not make one feel so great! Belly Button: No Change...Outie! Preparations: My Monday appointment has come and gone without much change.  My BP was stable at 124/80, and since my diastolic was 80 or less, they did not feel any need for induction to occur on Tuesday (1/18)...BUMMER.  I was slightly more dilated at 1.5cm, still 70% effaced, anterior position, soft cervix.  Overall fairly stable when compared to last week.  I was hoping that at todays appointment (1/20) that things would have progressed, as I have been feeling some tightening of my abdomen/uterus, but to no avail, little Grant is perfectly happy in his watery home and there has been no change at all, still leaving me 1.5cm dilated, 70% effaced, anterior position, and soft cervix.  I must be a glutton for punishment, because I asked (yes you heard that right) to have my membranes stripped again.  I would really like to go into natural labor without having to be induced, so I thought this might be my last chance to make that's to hoping it works! Pregnancy Symptoms: Occasional cramping and possible contractions mainly with position changes at night during sleeping, but nothing constant or unbearable.  As noted above, I have also been having much more frequent abdominal/uterine tightening, which are likely contractions, but again, nothing too painful or difficult to deal with. Milestones:  The shelves are up in his room with all of his Gator knick-knacks.  Now all we need is Grandma to finish the final curtain and it will be ready for its debut.  It looks so cute!! Looking forward to next: Again, pending no natural labor this week, I will officially be induced at 4am on Tuesday (1/25).  Here's to hoping for natural labor soon, because they say that it could be a longer induction pending there is no change in my cervix prior to then, and who wants a longer labor process than necessary (not this girl).  I feel like these last few weeks have been eternity.  Its partially due to me not working, so I have nothing to think about but labor and delivery.  And the most exciting part that makes the weeks go by so slow, is that we really want to meet this little rascal who has been cooking in mommy's belly for the past 10 months.  It is going to be so amazing to meet this little man.  Lately I have been watching a lot of "The Baby Story" on TLC (as mentioned above...I am currently on bed rest and not working...haha), and every time I see one of the babies being born I cry, so I can only imagine myself being a complete emotional wreck when I see that sweet little face for the first time.  Come on Grant, let's get this party started! Upcoming Events: In other news, Erik's co-workers are throwing us a joint baby shower with one of his other pregnant co-workers today so that should be fun.  People have been so extremely generous and we are very thankful!

39 weeks and ready to "pop"

39 Week Close Up

38 Weeks

2011 January 15
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 135 bpm (Monday) & 134 bpm (Thursday)

Fundus: 38.5cm (Monday) & 40cm (measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead on Thursday)

How Far Along: 38 weeks 6 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is "supposed" to be about 7 lbs and approximately 20 inches (give or take an inch).  We know from last weeks US that he is definitely going to be beating the averages in the weight and height department at birth. Development:  During the 38th week, Grant is basically ready for the BIG show, with just a few minor touches to add.  He is currently shedding his protective vernix and lanugo which keeps his skin from becoming cracked and dried in his watery environment.  And he is producing more surfactant that will prevent the air sacs in his lungs from sticking together when he begins to breathe outside of the womb, which hopefully will be real soon! How huge is mama: After being placed on bed rest on Thursday (1/6), I had an appointment on Monday (1/10) at which time I had lost 5 lbs, all water-weight from swelling no doubt.  Then I went back on Thursday (1/13) and gained 1 lb.  So overall, I am sitting pretty at 30 lbs total which was my goal weight. Movement: He still is a mover and a shaker, but I have noticed this past week, that the strong jabs and pokes are definitely less noticeable and it is now mostly rolling with pushing of his butt, head, and elbows/knees into my belly, which sometimes hurt worse than the strong kicks, especially when he hits me dead on in the ribs or right in the middle. Food: I never really left my dairy kick throughout the pregnancy, but it seems that over the last week or two that my milk consumption has skyrocketed.  I drink it ALL the time, with everything and anything.  Even when I wake up in the middle of the night because my throat is dry, it is my drink of choice.  So that means a lot of trips to Publix for Erik and I (or maybe more for Erik...haha). Belly Button: Outie...there's no turning back at this point! Preparations: We had two appointments this week (as mentioned above) which will continue until I deliver due to the gestational hypertension (high blood pressure).  On Monday my BP was around 124/74 and I had lost 5 lbs so they were comfortable with those numbers and the progress I had made since being placed on bed rest.  However, I hadn't made much progress in the dilatation department, continuing to be 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, anterior position, and station -2.  On Thursday I went back for another check-up and my BP was fairly stable at 126/80 and a weight gain of 1 lb.  However there was some progress down below, with 1 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and a much softer cervix.  These are good signs, but for good measure he decided to try and move things along with "stripping the membranes".  This was not a pleasant feeling to say the least, and involves his fingers scraping the "membranes" inside my 1 cm dilated cervix to help remove the mucous plug and detach the amniotic sac slightly to allow it to be more likely to rupture (water to break).  Let's just say I was bearing down so hard because it hurt that I am surprised he got his fingers and hand back...haha!  They say that if it works to induce natural labor, that it will take place in 24-72 hrs, let's keep our fingers crossed as nothing has happened yet. Pregnancy Symptoms: No Braxton-Hicks, strong contractions, or cramping as of yet.  Definitely feeling the pelvic pressure, but nothing consistent.  I think Grant is happy in his watery home and in no rush it seems. Milestones:  We received his bookshelf and rocking chair and these are set-up and his room is almost complete with the exception of his shelves on the walls.  Pictures to come soon! Looking forward to next: I return to the doctor's office again on Monday (1/17) pending I do not go into natural labor this weekend.  When I go in on Monday, if my BP (diastolic) is greater than 80, then they will induce me on Tuesday (1/18).  If everything is fine at that point, they will continue to let my body attempt natural labor, and if nothing happens next week, then there is an end in sight, and I will be officially induced on Tuesday (1/25).  We are just so excited to meet this little guy, but I have a feeling he is going to be stubborn like his mommy and relaxed and in no rush like his daddy!

38 Weeks

The soon-to-be parents

37 Weeks

2011 January 7
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 125 bpm

Fundus: 39 cm (measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead)

Estimated Weight on US: 7 lbs 11 ozs

AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index): 21 cm

How Far Along: 37 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, the books would still measure Grant around 20 inches and weighing around 6.5 lbs.  We all know based on our US today that he is at least weighing 7lbs 11ozs, therefore, I am also guessing he will be longer than 20 inches.  He is going to be a BIG BOY folks!! Development:  During the 37th week, Grant is now considered full term...YAY!!  Fat is continuing to accumulate and he continues to practice for life outside the womb, which includes, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, sucking on his thumb, blinking, and pivoting from side to side. How huge is mama: Well I gained another 4 lbs, so that's a grand total of 10lbs in 3 weeks...YIKES!  I am tipping the scales at 34lbs total, and they have told me that most of this is water weight because of the swelling I am now experiencing. Movement: On our US today our AFI was 21 cm which is quite a bit a amniotic fluid.  Because there is still so much fluid surrounding him, he is nice and comfy, and his kicks are still quite hard and sometimes take my breath away when he pushes his booty up towards my diaphragm. Food: Nothing has changed here with my diet.  I feel like I am actually eating less because there isn't much room left in there.  So that is also why they feel the 4 lb weight gain is likely due to swelling and water weight. Belly Button: Outie! Preparations: Today at our appointment we had an US because they were concerned that Grant was going to be large and they wanted to check my fluid level and his positioning.  We found out that by estimate he is around 3500 grams making him ~ 7lbs 11ozs and he is currently head down.  I was 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, cervix was softer, and I am in an anterior position, all good signs for the impending labor to come.  However, we also found out that I gained 4 lbs (10lbs in 3 weeks), had elevated BP at ~ 135/85 (normal for me is ~110-115/60-70's), and had worsening swelling of my hands and feet.  Because of this I was officially placed on bed rest until delivery day due to a diagnosis of Gestational Hypertension.  There concern is that this could lead to pre-eclampsia which could lead to significantly higher BP's and problems for momma and baby, hence the bed rest to prevent this.  So now it seems as if delivering him has become much more a reality and we have plenty that needs to be done to prepare for his arrival. Cue the nesting...haha! Pregnancy Symptoms: No Braxton-Hicks contractions or other cramping, but definitely have had increasing pelvic pressure.  And now that I have begun dilating, it literally could mean delivery any day now. Milestones:  Grandma finished all the bedding with the exception of one curtain and it looks adorable.  Pictures to come soon when it is all complete.  I would say another milestone is being 1 cm we're talking!! Looking forward to next: I am really looking forward to meeting this big guy.  I am also excited to experience the labor process, although I know it will likely be painful.  What a great experience and end product of bringing another life into this world.

37 Weeks and Swollen

New Years

36 Weeks

2010 December 30
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 135 bpm (146 with movement)

Fundus: 38 cm (measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead)

How Far Along: 36 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is still measuring around 20 inches according to the baby books, and weighs about 6 lbs.  Again, we are measuring 1 1/2 weeks ahead so I have a feeling he is taller and weighs more than they are estimating.  We will find out for sure at our next appointment when we have an US to check his weight and position. Development:  During the 36th week, most of Grant's organ systems are just about equipped for life outside of the womb.  The only organ system that has not been completely worked-out yet is the digestive system, as Grant is currently receiving all of his nutrition from the umbilical cord and that requires no digestion.  However, after his first breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the digestive system will be jump started and so will the poopy diapers. How huge is mama: Yet again, I gained another 3 lbs so we are now tipping the scales at a  total of 30 lbs right now. Movement: He still likes to move and roll, but thankfully he isn't kicking/sitting right near my diaphragm so now I can sleep laying down.  I was waking up most nights prior to this week out of breath because of his position.  So hopefully he is migrating in the right direction into the birth canal! Food: I have literally become a candy face at this point.  It should be no wonder I gained 3 lbs when I went and had a McFlurry the night before our appointment.  It was worth it! Belly Button: Still holding my outie status, but its funny how sometimes it sticks out way farther than other times where it seems almost flat. Preparations: Grandma is here and she brought the bedding and is currently working on the final touches and hems.  It looks so adorable, I cannot wait to post pictures.  He is going to have no choice but to be a Gator Fan from birth!  We still need to get his bookcase and rocking chair, but he does now have his pack-n-play set up and the car seat is in the car and ready to go! Pregnancy Symptoms: No Braxton-Hicks contractions since last week, but I have had continued pelvic pressure.  I am still feeling pretty tired after work and now that we are almost 37 weeks (Full Term), I am ready for my little man to come anytime. Milestones:  We had our second pelvic exam today to check Grant's progress.  Right now I am still 50% effaced, my cervix is softer and continues to be closed, and I am at a -2 station.  So based on Dr. Snow's one week predictions, it will not happen before the new year.  I return for my next appointment this coming Thursday 1/6, and I will get an US to check his position, my amniotic fluid levels, and his size.  I have a feeling that he is going to be a big guy based on my current measurements. Looking forward to next: I am really looking forward to meeting our son.  As we near closer and closer to the due date its hard to have patience because I want to hold him, meet him, and love on him so much!  Finding out we were pregnant has definitely been the best moment of 2010, and then having our son will be the best moment of 2011. Hurry up and get here Grant, we are all waiting to meet you!! Advice: I thought this was cute so I wanted to share some advice we received from an older gentleman who was at our OB/GYN office with his wife.  He said he was a father to 5 successful kids, and he told us that when he was going to have his first child that he asked his father how do raise successful upstanding kids.  His father said (1) Make sure to teach and give them character and (2) to give them an education.  He was the cutest old man, and I thought that was very sweet of him to share with us!  Erik and I are hoping the Lord will teach us everyday how to Delight, Disciple, and Discipline our children so they will be faithful followers of Christ.

36 Weeks...Merry Christmas!

36 Weeks at the Gaylord Palms

36 Weeks 5 Days

Merry Christmas

2010 December 26
by Folgate
We had a great Christmas and wanted to share some of the pictures from that great day.  Erik and I had all the family at our home for a Christmas Feast and for some fun family time.  Erik's mother and sister also came into town to celebrate with us and we were able to go to ICE at the Gaylord Palms, which was basically a city made completely of ice.  It was 9 degrees insides and pretty amazing!  We can't believe that next Christmas our son will be here and will be about 11 months old...that's just crazy!

Christmas Eve Breakfast with Friends

Christmas Eve Service


Soon-to-Be Parents and Grandma

35 weeks 6 days

Harley's Christmas Stocking

Christmas Gifts

Mia and Pinklicious

Keenan with Toys

Ben, Anthony, and Band Hero

Dad and Daughters

Mom and Greg

Dad and Jonissa

Folgate Clan

The Gables

Christmas Pup


More ICE

Nativity Scene

Erik and Lynn

35 Weeks

2010 December 23
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 155-156 bpm

Fundus: 36.5 cm (measuring a week ahead)

How Far Along: 35 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is still likely around 20 inches, however, the baby books don’t know who his Daddy is, so I have a feeling he is going to be quite long.  And he is now tipping the scales at just about 5 1/2 lbs. Development:  During the 35th week, he will continue to pack on the pounds, but also many more brain cells.  Brain development continues at a mind-boggling pace, making Grant a little on the top heavy side.  Also, at this time, Grant has likely settled into a heads-down, bottom-up position which is preparing him to be delivered. How huge is mama: Gained another 3 lbs (I find it hard to believe) so we are sitting at a grand total of 27 lbs right now. Movement: He has now started shifting from being mainly on my right to equally on both my right and left sides.  I think he is starting to shift into the vertex position, which is head first, as he is preparing to enter the world in the next few weeks. Food: Enjoying my sweets.  Now with the holiday season upon us, there are so many junk food items that are available, and I want to eat them all. Belly Button: For sure an outie, and to the point, where if you look close enough you can see it when I am wearing a tight shirt. Preparations: His room is ready and waiting for his bedding.  Thank goodness Grandma arrives this week and will hopefully have it completed and in hand.  We also need to get a bookcase and a rocking chair, which we have yet to find with any luck.  I also finished packing Grant’s bag with his welcome home outfit, and am nearly complete with packing my bag. Pregnancy Symptoms: So after my appointment with Dr. Snow last week on Thursday, I started to have what I think are Braxton Hicks contractions.  I had some irregular ones for about 30mins on Friday night and then two more on Saturday morning.  Of course, when I mentioned this to Erik, he freaked out that we didn’t have our bags packed, etc.  He was very cute and concerned.  Therefore, the next night we starting completing the bag packing process (see above in preparations).  Since Saturday morning (12/18), I haven’t had any further contractions.  This week has also been the first week that I have truly felt "very" pregnant and extremely tired and exhausted.  Sleeping at night is becoming non-existent, as it is so hard and uncomfortable for me to change from side-to-side, and that's not counting all the times I have to get up to use the restroom at night.  I also have had a lot more pelvic pressure. Milestones:  We had our first pelvic exam today to check Grant's progress.  Right now I am 50% effaced, my cervix is closed, and I am at a -2 station.  So Dr. Snow did not think I would be going into labor this week.  I return for my next appointment the following Thursday 12/30.  We also met our Pediatrician today, who is very awesome and down-to-earth.  And another benefit to him is that his office is literally within walking distance to our house.  The benefits of working in medicine are the definitely the perks of knowing some great physicians. Looking forward to next: Christmas is this weekend…YAY!  I cannot wait to spend time with family.  And since I will be 36 weeks pregnant on Christmas day, everyone is traveling to us and having dinner at our home.  I hope we all remember that Christmas represents Christ's birth, who took on flesh as a man, to take on our sins so that we may have life within the Lord and be forgiven.  AMEN!

35 Weeks Preggo

34 Weeks

2010 December 16
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 138 bpm

Fundus: 34.5 cm (exactly on target)

How Far Along: 34 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is likely as tall as 20 inches, and weighs about 5 lbs (keep growing BIG boy). Development:  Being that Grant is a boy, this week, his testicles are making his way down his abdomen to their final destination.  And in other non-genital related news (haha), his tiny little fingernails have reached the tip of his fingers. How huge is mama: 24 lbs total!  I gained 3 lbs over the last 2 weeks, but again, Grant is gaining at an incredible rate as well, so let’s just blame it on him…haha! Movement: He is running out of space, and because of that, mommy gets the joy of feeling some pretty strong kicks in some pretty uncomfortable places. Food: Now that it is the winter season, I could basically eat at Panera and get Creamy Tomato Soup every day.  And then of course, chomp on some ice afterwards. Belly Button: A more protruding outie as the time goes on. Preparations: We started washing all of his clothes in order to hang them and fold them for his drawers.  We also started to organize his toys, blankets, furniture, and get everything in its rightful place.  We need to think about packing my bag and his bag for when the big day arrives as well.  Also, the pre-natal breastfeeding class was a success.  I learned so much valuable information.  I was only 1 of 3 women there without their husband in attendance (Thanks Erik).  In his defense, he did offer to go, but I told him he could stay home.  They did mention a funny statistic in the class that if the women present also have their partner present during the class, they are more likely to stick with breastfeeding.  So if I quit early, we know who to blame for not attending…haha! Pregnancy Symptoms: I seem to have reverted back to some first trimester symptoms occasionally.  I have woken up a few times nauseous, and of course, seem more fatigued as time goes on.  I am noticing I am getting up more throughout the night and seem less comfortable.  And the biggest change I have noticed is my difficulty with taking in deep breaths during sleeping or laying down.  This sometimes leaves me very short of breath and then that makes you panic.  It’s a vicious cycle! Milestones: Starting at 35 weeks, I now get to go to the doctor’s office every week.  Which means I also get the joy of undergoing pelvic exams weekly to check Grant’s position and how much I am dilated.  But on a positive note, we are so close to meeting our son, which is by far worth any pelvic exam. Looking forward to next: Finishing our Christmas shopping and getting last minute baby things completed.  We still need our pack-n-play, which will likely be what he sleeps in for the first few weeks in our room. Side Note: Unfortunately I forgot to take a 34 week picture, so I will leave you with some of our favorite professional photos.

33 Weeks

2010 December 7
by Folgate
How Far Along: 33 weeks How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is likely to grow a full inch this week, taking him to about 20 inches long.  And he is gaining weight just as fast as I am (averaging out to 1/2 lb per week), which places him at just over 4 1/2 lbs. Development:  At this point in the pregnancy, because Grant is getting so big, my amniotic fluid level has maxed out, which is why his pokes and kicks are much more uncomfortable, because there is little fluid to act as a buffer or to cushion the blow.  Antibodies are also being passed from me to Grant in order to start his immune system and keep him healthy when he enters this world. How huge is mama: Next weigh in is in another week.  I am not one of those crazy girls who weighs herself everyday.  Or maybe it is because I am a little OCD and prefer to be measured on the same scale every time in order to be the most accurate. Movement: He still loves hanging out on my right, and with his feet up towards my ribs, which means lots of nice kicks and punches right where it counts. Food: Nothing new to report except I seem to be eating more.  I feel like my appetite is increasing, and maybe that is due to the fact, that from this point on Grant should gain about ½ lb per week. Belly Button: It’s over folks, I am definitely an outie now.  It seems so weird seeing this belly button, when my normal one looks so different. Preparations: We are taking our first pre-natal class this week.  Or maybe I should rephrase that and say I am taking our first class this week.  It is pre-natal breastfeeding and Erik is not sure if there is too much for him to learn from that standpoint.  I will keep you posted if I was the only “single” mother there. Pregnancy Symptoms: Thoracic back pain still.  At times it seems so intense (like when I am standing in the OR) that I could literally tear up.  It normally resolves if I change position. Milestones: I registered at Winnie Palmer Hospital this past week, which means they are now ready for us when we show up through the doors screaming in pain due to contractions…haha! Looking forward to next: Our next appointment with the doctor in one week.  I love going and hearing our little man’s heartbeat.  Isn’t that just one of the most wonderful sounds?

33 Weeks and an undecorated tree

Whoa Baby Belly

The Big Sister

32 Weeks

2010 December 2
by Folgate

Baby Stats:

Heartbeat: 146 bpm

Fundus: 32 cm

How Far Along: 32 weeks 5 days How Big is Baby: Head to toe, Grant is topping out at just about 19 inches and weighs almost 4 lbs. Development:  During these last few weeks, Grant is practicing to make his debut in this world perfect by honing his skills of swallowing, breathing, kicking, and sucking.  Another change this week, is that Grant’s skin is no longer see through.  As more and more fat accumulates under the skin, it’s finally opaque, just like ours. How huge is mama: No weight gain this week and still holding strong at 21 lbs total.  According to our physician, it is normal to go through growth spurts where I may gain 5 lbs and then gain none. Movement: Lots of movement and boy is he getting stronger. Food: Still craving that ice, my dentist is going to be mad at me when I go in for my cleaning on 12/20. Belly Button: I think I may be considered an official outie now (say it isn’t so). Preparations: His furniture arrived and is all set-up.  Thank goodness we paid for the delivery and the set-up fee, because it was so nice to have someone else do all the hard work.  We are now anxiously awaiting his bedding that Grandma is working hard on. Pregnancy Symptoms: Not much change here. Milestones: I believe getting his furniture was a pretty big milestone.  It is so neat to walk in his room and see it sitting there and realize that we will have a baby in that crib soon.  I cannot wait to meet this little man (of course, not until he is fully cooked and ready to come out though).  He also went to his first UF Basketball Game that took place at the Amway Arena...too bad we lost to UCF. Looking forward to next: I am really looking forward to Christmas and New Years.  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and the best thing about it, is we get to celebrate for a whole month.  I will be 36 and 37 weeks respectively at that point, and it is just going to be such a fun time to spend with family before we become a family of three.

32 Weeks

Gator Baby!!

Furniture Delivery

Grant's Crib

Dressing/Changing Table