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The Multiple Reasons I love Tuesdays & Thursdays

2011 August 15
by Folgate

1.  I don't have to work and can be home with Grant all day.

2.  I get to do fun things like go to the produce stand and make homemade baby food.

3.  I get to share homemade mint-chocolate chip ice cream with a cute boy.

4.  I get to have a lunch date and make a mess (or better yet, Grant gets to make the mess and I pick it up).

5.  I get to pick up a smiley boy right after a nap.

6.  I get to watch a sweet boy get clean in the tub and splash around.

And the #1 reason I love every day equally as much...

I get to wake up and spend time with the best husband and son in the world!

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