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Twenty One Months

2012 October 28
by Folgate
Between 18 to 21 months you have changed a ton.  I absolutely LOVE this age.  You are an amazingly funny and sweet little boy.  I am pretty sure you make Daddy & I laugh every day at something new that you do.  I cannot believe we are fast approaching the day that we no longer count your age in months.  Honestly, I don't think I am ready for that.  I am sure there will be many a tears shed on your 2nd birthday.  Happy for the amazing man you are growing into, and sad for the baby you are leaving behind.  I will always remember you at 21 months running around the house with your little pot belly, chunky thighs, and cute booty! At 21 Months You: -Are so witty.  Every day you are doing something that totally makes us smile from ear to ear.  Just today for no reason, you took off out the back door in your diaper and t-shirt and were running with Harley in the grass.  Oh yeah, and it was pitch black out! -Love to point to things (trucks, busses, birds, lizards, etc) and gasp. -Still love bath time and now have begun washing/scrubbing your own hair. -Wear a size 6 diaper and 2T clothes. -Can annoy Harley one minute and be so loving towards her the next. -Are the most amazing BIG brother.  You love your sister so much.  You are constantly wanting to help get things for her or just kiss/hug her.  Yesterday, she touched your hand with her hand and you just thought that was the funniest thing EVER.  I cannot wait to see you all play together. -Love to turn on the light switches.  This is your new favorite thing, and I am pretty sure our electricity bill is now going to be higher 🙂 -Still love to clean.  You are going to be an amazing husband because you swiffer the house daily, love to put dishes away, and are so good at being helpful with clearing your toys. -Still are a picky eater.  You love Mac-n-Cheese, Tortellini, Chicken Nuggets, Uncrustable PB & J sandwiches, Fruit Pouches, Pureed Veggies, Smoothies (From Starbucks or Tropical Smoothie Cafe), Fruits Snack, Graham Crackers, & any sweet!  If that's not a toddler diet, I don't know what is. -Love to be outdoors.  You are most happy here.  And often while I am cleaning or tending to your sister, you will open the back door and venture out on your own.  Thank goodness we have a fenced in back yard:) -Are a great student.  You always get Happy, Excitable, Playful, and Helpful on your report card, with an occasional talkative & silly. -Are quite vocal, but a lot of this is jibberish.  We get what you are saying because you are our child, but I am sure most others would have no idea.  You love to say "Where's Daddy" or "Where's Mommy" with your hands in the air as if you have no idea where we have gone.  You know all your body parts when asked.  You can complete puzzles like a champ.  And you follow just about every command we give you. -Love balloons! -Can sometimes show your toddler attitude.  Thankfully for the most part you are quite happy.  But recently while you were sick with a sinus infection (& possible RSV), I honestly thought someone had traded my sweet boy for another not so sweet boy:) -Love to copy what we are doing.  Recently while Daddy was doing Insanity (which doesn't happen often...ha), you started doing moves and suicide runs just like him.  It was too funny. -Love to rough house.  You are definitely all boy. -Love farm animals & petting zoos.  While other children your age are often afraid of the animals, you are chasing them around and feeding them. Happy 21 Months Grant Emmett!
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