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Two Months

2012 September 23
by Folgate

Two Month STAT's:

Weight: 9 lbs 10 ozs (20th%)

Height: 22.5 inches (60th%)

HC: 16.5 inches (97th%)

It has been a great two months and a challenging two months.  I remember at your baby shower, your daddy wrote a letter to us and in this he wrote something about the new challenges that being parents of two would bring.  Boy was he right!  However, he was also right in that he meant those challenges would be hard, but they would bring us great joy.  You are a joy in our lives sweet girl and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Through you, I have learned that my plans are not my own and I have also learned the strong desire I have to control situations.  The Lord has been teaching me this a lot over the years, but I have really felt this lesson more abundantly since your birth.  Thank you for being such a sweet, loving, and amazing little girl.  In so many respects you make being parents to two under two seem easy.  We are blessed to call you our daughter and to watch you grow.  We cannot believe how much you have changed in just 2 short months.  You are already becoming less of a baby, and I would love for time to slow down.  I said this often in regard to your brother, and yet time continues to fly by.  You are precious in our eyes and we are trying to cherish every little moment with you.

At 2 months you are:

--Cooing, Grunting, & Smiling.  Your smile is so cute and can really light up a room.

--Eating about 6-7 times/day (3.5-4 oz per feed).  Mommy is still pumping and able to keep up with your demands for now.  Thankfully, you are also becoming a more efficient eater, which has been difficult because of the cleft.

--Sleeping excellent!  While you are not on a true set schedule yet, you normally go to bed around 8-8:30pm and wake up only once in the early AM.  You have quite often slept from 9-6am, and that has been glorious.  You take about 3 naps per day (normally 2 short (~1hr) and 1 long (anywhere from 2-4 hrs).

--Able to play independently for longer periods of time.  Up until about 1 week ago, you would cry if you were put down to play for more than 10 mins.  You have recently started to really like exploring your surroundings and looking around.  You love the couch and ceiling fans.

--Still not loving your car seat.  You are just like your brother during this time period.  For some reason, it just pains you to be strapped in for car trips and you haven't quite learned the concept of "just falling asleep" while traveling.

--Loving bath time, except when we take you out and you get cold 🙁

--Tracking toys and following sounds, especially our voices.

Two Month Cutie


Sleepy Girl!

Waking Up

Brother/Sister Love

Bath Time!

Wearing Jeggings!


8/16: Ear Wells were removed

8/22: First Purposeful Smile

8/25: First Birthday Attendance (Harrison Wicker's 1st)

9/1: First College GameDay Dance & UF Game (on TV)

9/2: First Trip to WPB for Santos' 2nd Birthday

9/14: First double ear infection (which can be a common occurance with cleft palates).  BOO 🙁

9/17 & 9/18: First time sleeping from 8:45pm-7:25am (That was daddy's birthday gift).

Smiley Girl!

Future Gator

Serious Face!

Rockin' Ralph Lauren

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